Goodbye-2013 Quotes-Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go. – Brooks Atkinson

Slowly and surely we are approaching towards the end of the year-2013. For each one of us, the year was different.
For some of us, 2013, was the most fabulous, fun loving, fruitful year. The year brought  terrific triumph over odds and obstacles. Trials turned into triumph. Obstacles turned into opportunities. Prospective plans turned into pipeline for the future’s success. Each and every corner of life touch the magic. Personal life turned into living heaven, professional life has seen new heights. The year was just wonderful.
OK, congratulation to all of them, wish you all the best for the same success in coming year -2014.
For some of us, 2013 was the year like big nightmare. Whatever plan we had it turned into biggest tragedy. Whatever dreams we had, it turned into big fiasco. Whatever, wish we had, till the end of the year it remained wish only and when that wish will see the light of the day, is big mystery. Every corner of life wounded and hurt badly. Setback became the second nature. Failure became fulltime friend which never wish and tried to depart, no matter how hard it was to sustain with it, but it never left and still it is going strongly.  
Many a times situations and circumstances compelled to quit, and almost won. Many a times escape seemed easiest way to accommodate with circumstances. Many a times to run away from the realities was the real way or it seemed.
The year-2013- was one of the most tragic year of life.
Ok, if you are passing from this situation, the above quotation of ‘Brooks Atkinson’ can become guiding force for you. And thank God that it can go.
So, friends cheer up, at last, it is going on, and wish you all the best for coming year. 
May God bring all the happiness and health, Peace and prosperity, Success and sensation, Comfort and care in the coming year….2014

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