Goodbye 2013-Welcome 2014 Quotes-If you asked me for my New Year Resolution, it would be to find out who I am.-Cyril Cusack

Cyril James Cusack was an Irish actor, who appeared in numerous films and television productions in a career lasting more than 70 years.
Isn’t it a very strange yet most sure realities of our life that despite of living complete life, or in many case till near death bed, we don’t know who we are?
The question is quite illusive from many points, because, generally, this kind of the questions we are not asked in our routine 9 to 5 rat race like life, and by chance, we dare to ask, the person who hears it, for a moment think about our mental ability. And in extreme case he/she may doubt about it.
Who we are?
The question can be answered from many point of view,
First, from spiritual point of view, the answer may be, we are son or daughter of this soil, we born from it and when the journey of life, I mean from birth to death ends we will go into sky where something like heaven or hell is there, and according to our KARMA or DIDS, we did in this life, we will be placed at suitable place, ok, fine, from spiritual point of view the answer is good, and hardly there is any chances of argument, because, there are many questions are unanswered. First, is there anything like the heaven and hell? If it is there, what are the eligibility criteria to enter in it? Who decides the norms, rules, regulations, code of conduct, protocol etc, about, who get entry and who don’t ?
So, let us, leave this argument here only and move to another direction,
Who are we?
Now, let us, see the question from the most practical manner,
Who are we?
  • First and foremost we are human being…
  • We are part of this universe where nearly seven billion people lives,
  • We are inhabitants of one of the continent of the world,
  • We are citizen of one of the nation,
  • We are member of community….
  • We are member of our family….
So, from practical point of view all the arguments holds true importance and it is completely based upon facts and figures, so, fine, for a moment let us take it.
Now, let us see the question from altogether different point of view
Who we are?
  • We are infinite source of energy..
  • We are creature with endless optimism…
  • We are curator of our own future….
  • We are center of all cosmic energy..
So, dear friends here, I have present the question Who we are? From three different perspective,
  1. First, from spiritual point of view…
  2. Second, from practical point of view…
  3. Third, from non conventional point of view…
Have you liked any point of view, which I have mention here, then please mention which one you liked most and why? And do not worry, if you disliked all above mention point of view and have your own point of view, please mention in comment section, I will be more than happy to learn something more than my own thinking, your comments are most welcome.

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