Goodbye 2013- Welcome 2014- Quotes- Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.- Goran Persson

Hans Göran Persson served as Prime Minister of Sweden from 1996 to 2006 and was leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party from 1996 to 2007 -Wikipedia
At present, we are passing from the one of the most crucial stage of human history. We are passing from the two extremes of life.
On one side of life, we are seeing ongoing violence, brutality, terrorism, barbarism, cruelty, viciousness, aggression, bloodshed, agitation.
A situation and circumstances of complete chaos and confusion throughout the world. Not a single square inch of the earth is spare from it.
The intensity, the availability, the effect  of these may be differ from region to region, nation to nation, continent to continent, depending upon the various factors like, political condition of the region, leadership of the region, People’s own preferences and priorities related to the issue or issues which might have resulted the cause of chaos, but, in general, not a single part of the world is unaffected, it is quite sure and very harsh but have to be accepted kind of the realities of our life.
The simple meaning of all is this that a world which is full with hate, anger, and revenge.
 This is the one side of the world we are living, it is so disgusting, so ugly, so dark.
No one would like to see it, no one would like to experience it, but despite of it, and due to not having any option to curb it, to eliminate it, everybody watches it.
Someone as a victim, someone as a culprit, and someone as onlooker. But, it is there. The sooner we accept it the better we are at peace with our self.
All is not bad, all is not rotten,
Still, we have another side of the life, the name of this side may be, ‘humanity’ ‘brotherhood’  ‘comradeship’ or whatever, good name comes in your mind, which generates positive energy, which creates positive vibes, which feels your heart with some feel good factors, choose any name, whichever you prefer.
This side of the life is quite contrast, quite opposite, to the above mention side of the world. I mean, dark side of the world.
There are some visible, there are some tangible, there are some worth to note kind of the contrast it has created.
Which are quite pleasant, pleasurable, and pure joy to watch it, experience it, explore it and worth to enjoy it.
Every now and then we see it, sometimes we experience it as a beneficiary of it, sometime we experience it as a giver, sometimes we enjoy it as receiver and most of the time we see it as a spectators.
  • Where we see, one human being helping another human being without any expectations.
  • Where we see, one fellow human being supporting another fellow human being without any self.
  • Where we see, someone far remote place of the earth helping someone to whom he/she may not see in his/her life, without any expectations of reward.
  • Where we see one needy person by sending few requests at the proper platform receives help from not hundreds but thousands of people.
And best part is humanity part or the side of the world, ‘brotherhood part or side of the world’ , ‘comradeship part or side of the world’ is growing at much more higher speed then the darker side of the life.
Good fellows outnumbered bad fellows.
Heroes increasing more then the villains.
True friends are increasing more then the terrorists.
Helping hands are increasing more then disturbing hand.
So,  dear friends, slowly, steadily but very surely, we are moving towards the end of the year 2013 and  going forward in the direction of the new year which is happen to be 2014.
So, in this situation the quotation holds great significance, once again, let us rejoice it.
Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.- Goran Persson
  • Let us help each other to create this world as a  one of the most wonderful place to live.
  • Let us help each other to grow.
  • Let us help each other to progress.
  • Let us help each other to be prosperous.
  • Let us help each other to beat our so called barriers.
  • Let us make the year 2014 year as a greatest year of the ‘humanity’.
Have you determine to do anything in this regard, if yes, what and how is the two probable questions which needs answers or awaiting your response in the comment section.

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