New Year Quotation-Character Is The Ability To Carry Out A Good Resolution Long After The Exitement Of The Moment Has Passed.- Cavett Robert



Dear Friends,

At last, the excitement, anxiety, enjoyment attached with new year has gone, because, today is 03/01/2014- Friday, it means, we have already pass the three days of new year, So, first of all, happy new year to all of you.

From bottom of my heart, I pray to God, that, whatever resolutions you have made for the new year can turn into reality, new year can bring health, happiness, peace, prosperity, power, money, love, longevity in your life.

All the sadness, setback, attached with the year 2013 can turn into success in new year 2014.

So, my all the best wishes along with humble pray to God, is absolutely with you, and no doubt, through out the year, I will wish same.

Now, let us come to the point, business as usual, as always let us start to go deep down the quotation and find out what is the clear cut message it spreads beneath the surface.

Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.- Cavett Robert

As usual, most of us, might have done something same, at the end of the year, partied hard, met few friends & family members, enjoyed, dance and dine like there is no tomorrow, and made some resolutions.

Am I write or wrong ?

Dear friends,

There is nothing wrong if you have done anything like this, on the contrary it is good to enjoy, it is good to have resolution, It is good to have resolutions.

But now comes some critical questions….

It may be possible that you might have made some resolutions, your resolution may be to reduce the extra kilo which have you have gained in past year, your resolution might be to uplift your self confidence, your resolution might be to move out of your comfort zone, your resolution might be to remove all the fear, which have hampered your growth, your resolution might be to be wipe out all the bed memories of past, your resolution might be to start all over again.

Any way, bottom line is that you made some resolutions for the new year, I mean, 2014.

So, first of all congratulation for making some resolutions, because, it simply reflects that, there is something in your life, which you need to change, which you need to remove, which you need to wipe out, which you need to improve, so, like any living individual, you are thrive for better, good, no argument about it.


Now comes critical question…

Is it suffice to made resolution?

If it is ‘Yes’, why ? If it is ‘No’ why?

Just assume for a while, you have made one resolution, that during this year, you will pay maximum attention towards your financial freedom ! It will be one of the major or one and only goal of your life for the new year.

Good, Congratulation, that you have made resolution.


Is it sufficient to made resolutions?

Simple, straight-forward, plain and very flat answer is ‘NO’. It is not at all sufficient to made resolutions until and unless, you are very much serious to achieve it, because, as per the quotations ‘Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed’, So, now, all the excitement of the moment has passed and we are already in the third day of the new year, so, still, it is initial excitement which keeps you going on, but do you have ability to carry out that for the long time, I mean till the end of the year, so, when, year ends, with proud you can say to your self that look at the beginning of the year, 2013, I made this resolution and till at the end of the year, still, I do everyday, whatever is needed to do to achieve my that worthwhile goal, and no matter, how long it will take to achieve that goal, everyday, with same zeal, with same enthusiasm, with same hope, with same faith, I will do whatever needed to do in this regard.

If you have such temperament, if you have such attitude, If you have such faith in yourself then there is nothing wrong in making any resolution, and there are fair chances of being successful.


If you don’t have that ability to carry out for longer period of life, then as and when the excitement of moment will  pass, your resolution too will  pass, and after some time you may, even not remember that you have made some resolution with your self.

Anyway, once again, wish you all the best and have a happy new year….

Can I ask you one question?

Have you made any resolution for new year ? If yes, what plans and preparation you have made to complete that resolution?

I would be more than happy to read your resolutions, in written format in comment section, at least, it will remind you, as and when you see it somewhere.


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