Happy New Year-My resolutions towards my followers cum friends

This post; I completely dedicate to my all followers cum friends….



First of all, “happy new year to all of you”.

“May God bring peace & prosperity, health & happiness, fame & fortune, success & sensation, achievement & attachment, victory & win, glory & grandeur throughout the year and throughout the lifetime to all of you and all your near & dear one”

Due to grace of GOD 2014 was wonderful year in terms of social relations.

During this year only; I have found some wonderful, amazing & incredible followers cum friends & I hope the same process will be continue throughout the year 2015.

So, to keep my all these amazing & wonderful followers cum friends happy throughout the year and if possible throughout the life, I have made below mention resolutions.

  • Whenever they publish any post; I will not press the “LIKE” button before reading twice.
  • Whenever they publish any post; I will not comment “Wow”, “Wonderful”, “Amazing”, “Great”, “Brilliant” button before reading it twice.
  • More often I will read their “About” page; so, I can remember very well, what they like, what they dislike, what they want to share, what they don’t want to share, what are their priorities & preferences.
  • Whenever they publish any post; I will not only just read for the sake of reading only; but I will take mental note of it and in future; whenever I will communicate with any of them, I will keep it in mind, so, consciously or unconsciously; I may not hurt their feelings or press panic button or sentimental issues, which may affect them badly.
  • We all live in different country, culture & community; so, whenever they publish something which may not be in align with my own culture or belief; I will forgive them with open heart; without having any feeling of bitterness in mind.
  • Many a times many of them publish the post which may not be related to my passion or area of interest; so, in that situation or circumstances to keep them happy; I will read it with utmost interest.
  • I will never ever ask any personal questions to any of them; but, if any of them wants to share it with me by their own consent or willingness; I will be more than happy to listen it and I will listen with full attention & complete presence of mind.
  • Whenever I read their post; I will try to provide them useful insight, fruitful feedback, helpful hints, trustworthy tips & solid suggestions in most polite & humble manner.
  • Whenever I will provide those helpful hints, fruitful feedback, trustworthy tips & solid suggestions; in no case; I will compel, pursue or force them to follow it completely or partially.
  • Whenever any of them approach me for any feedback; I will provide my feedback with my complete knowledge, information and insight without keeping any expectation of favor from them.
  • Many of my follower friends are quiet new to blogging, many of them are trying to publish their first full length post; so, in no case I will expect them to perform 100% from very first post.
  • Most of the time, I will ignore their spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes & wrong sentence structures.
  • Whenever they offer me any suggestions, provide me any feedback & if it is not personal; instead of considering it as a hate, jealousy or any other negative feeling; I will consider it as a “Constructive Criticism”.
  • Whenever I will publish any post; I will not compel or pursue them to read my post; to comment on it or to press the “LIKE” button or read it immediately.
  • I will always remember that “ No one is perfect in this world, including me & imperfection only lead us towards the perfection”
  • Last but not least………

In my all communication with them; I will always treat them as my extended family members only; not as my followers; so, keeping this view in mind; I will always try to maintain their dignity, their respect as I keep of my own family members.





33 thoughts on “Happy New Year-My resolutions towards my followers cum friends

    • Shruti,
      In fact, dedicated, committed & creative people like you always inspire, motivate & encourage me to find out new & innovative way to deal with followers cum friends and in general life too.

    • Adrienne,
      It gives me immense pleasure to see your presence here!
      To my all followers-“Adrienne also runs the blog related to Quotations, Idioms & Proverbs and;if you want to learn more about it, you are requested to visit the blog”.

  1. Ashley,
    Yes, ultimately we write for our followers cum friends; because, they pour “Heart” & “Soul” in their post & by just clicking the “LIKE” button many a times we play with their emotions!

  2. I read this post two days ago and I hadn’t really had the time to properly reflect on it until now. I really admire the dedication you make to the people in your community. I really like that you take time away to read and then reread and really think on what they are posting, it shows that you are really considering what people have written and not just given it a few moments look! As someone who strives to do this, I love that you are doing it and really sticking to it! One thing that I found I cannot do on this list however is read a post if there is bad spelling or grammar, I don’t mind if there is a few mistakes (we all do it!). However, I find many mistakes a big turn off and it distracts from the writing! But that may just be me!

    • First of all, thanks for visiting my blog, because, since last so many days I was eagerly awaiting your arrival!
      Second, I wish your blogging U competition must be going on very well, despite of scarcity of time; most of the time I try to read your almost all post & I am absolutely happy with your performance; each post is full with fun and stunning images; I appreciate your energy level.
      Third, regarding your comment about many mistakes; this is the point I would like to clarify with some length;
      -I firmly believe no one is perfect in this world.
      -Many of us are not professional writer;so, little bit carelessness reflects in many bloggers writing.
      -Many a times, it happens that whenever you write your own piece of writing; according to you; it seems perfect; but until & unless someone not point out that mistake you may not realize.
      Wish you all the best……………..

  3. I really appreciate you treating us as your family member. In that way it will be a good relationship that we can build here with other bloggers as well. Thanks a lot for including me here. Hope to still present a new blog post and see your blog post too.

    • Yes, I do treat all of you like my extended family members & you are part of it. Because; for me following each other’s blog is not just adding the number only but by following each other; we attached with each other on more emotional, more sentimental and more personal level.
      So, now; as a part of my family member; more often I would like to see your presence at your home(my blog).

  4. Your post is a refreshing look on the blogging world, which brings me to answer your question regarding which resolution we liked best. Your resolution to read posts that are different from your country’s customs is really great. It allows us to look into the lives of others around the globe, and understand each other a bit better.

    • Kelly,
      First of all thanks for your visit along with comment. It gives me immense pleasure to see your presence here, I wish more often you visit.
      Yes, I do like to read the post of others; especially; those bloggers; who are more friendly, believes in caring & sharing, try to enhance, empower, enrich others & you qualify on this criteria; so from today, I am starting to follow your blog; so, whenever you publish your sweet post along with superb, stunning images; I can be the first to read it,.
      Wishing you all the best for Blogging U as well as in life too.

  5. Great post! You are very considerate to others and you always give helpful feedback. I wish you a happy new year and wish you best of luck in blogging. I will be following along! 🙂 all the best to you!

    • Emma,
      I appreciate your precise yet very prompt response.
      Yes, being a friends and following each other’s blog, we have to be considerate about each other, so, over the years we become best friends!. That is what I expect from each of us!
      Wishing you all the best regarding everything in your life.

  6. After reading your post I am inspired and ashamed at the same time. You have inspired me to become more dedicated and truthful to my dreams and stop being lazy or distracted. 😀 I have collections of sayings, quotes and passages from the books I’ve read and many other sources. I am so happy you commented in my blog and I came to visit your blog!! I will take time and read your posts!! Please don’t mind if I take time!!!

    • SHWETA,
      First of all thanks for your visit,
      Second, thanks for your inspirational words.
      There is nothing to be ashamed in life everyday brings new hope, new beginning, so, it’s never too late for anything in life.
      I truly appreciate your blog, and more often I will visit it,
      Thanks for considering me as your friend.
      Wishing you all the best……….


  8. Pingback: Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. Chinese Proverb | QUOTATIONS, IDIOMS & PROVERBS

  9. Hello my friend
    You put a lot of time into this I can tell, and I think I can say with correctness that you are the winner of “blogger congeniality”. You go the extra mile with comments. I believe that is your nitch. You have a gift of encouragement. And because of your influence, I have improved at commenting on others blogs, but I can still do better. Well done!
    Thank you
    Donna George

    • Donna;
      First of all, I am extremely sorry for the late response to your this very encouraging comment.
      Thanks for your visit, reading and comment on this post.
      Your comments are as good, sweet, encouraging and as powerful as your personality, your each word is as beautiful as your wonderful personality, thanks for your constant encouragement.
      Wishing you all the best…………………

  10. Your blog is worth following dear friend and that’s y I choose to follow u.You are great friend as a newbie I would b in trouble if u wudnt guide my path. I should thank u.

    • Meloheart;
      What a wonderful complement from my dearest friend, it is always pleasure to talk with you, because, throughout this journey good friends like you always stuck with me no matter whether I have stuck with you or not.
      Regarding your comment, I haven’t guided you, it is your hard work, it is your willingness to learn, it is desire to uplift you are the true qualities that helps you to get going, so, just do it and rest of the things will follow automatically.
      Wishing you all the best………………

    • Amili;
      Thanks for your visit,reading,comment and subscription of my blog, I truly appreciate your this friendly gesture and I wish we will have a best blogging friendship.By the way, have you subscribed for my blog????
      Wishing you all the best

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