Go The Extra Mile:- IDIOMS 
SIMPLE MEANING; Going above and beyond whatever is required for the task at hand.
Hi, friends; today, under the category of Idioms I am going to discuss one very interesting idiom.
“Go The Extra Mile”: 
Simple meaning of this idioms is… 
  1. When you have taken some task on hand, 
  2. When you have decided to do something, 
  3. When you badly desire to do something;  
  • You have to work; extra hard, 
  • You have to devote; more energy, 
  • You have to do more planing; than and than only; you can accomplish the task which you have taken on hand. 
Generally, I write very lengthy post, but today, I don’t want to write much lengthy post because, this post I would like to complete with all of you, my dear friends……...
Yes, I know all of you very well, my dear  followers cum friends,
  • All of you are very much talented people of this planet..
  • All of you are full with creativity of this universe,
  • All of you are powerhouse of energy, which enlighten others;
  • All of you are most sweet soul of soil, spreading smile everywhere; 
And THIS IS THE RIGHT  and most appropriate  time for of all of us…….
Now, first of all; let me start from my own story……
As all of you know from my previous post about happy year, my new resolutions that; this is the beginning of 2015 and during this year; I would like to have few more qualitative, talented, like-minded friends……….
I knew it very well
  • Without moving extra mile, 
  • Without doing  extra work, 
  • Without proper commitment this task can not be completed,
So, what I did and doing to achieve my this goal.
As all of us know very well; at word press right now “Blogging U” course is going on and many of us; including me have taken part in it, 
So, when this course begun, from very first day, I became very active and defined the goal to make maximum friends during this month only……….. 
What I started to do; to achieve this goal………
  • First of all; I determined that despite of being the part of this course, I will not actively involve with the assignments….So, I never participated on any assignment actively….
  • Second, I started to take keen interest on PASSIVE manner, what, I started to do is; everyday, I started to spend few hours in The Commons….
  • Third, During each assignment, I started to look and study the various bloggers….
  • Fourth, I started to visit various blogs; especially, created by new bloggers, 
  • Fifth, I started to follow some of the bloggers, studied their “About” page with keen interest and whenever I find someone who share same passion, or value as mine, I just started to comment on their “About” page and simply requested them to visit my blog and if possible comment on my blog.
  • Sixth, Whenever, I find someone in the badly need of “Dream Reader” I became their “Dream Reader” and read their post and commented on it.
  • Seventh; whenever someone has asked for the feedback about their new post, theme, new “About” page, or overall review of the blog, and I find that no one has answered, I tried to do it( Frankly speaking, I am not master or expert of the subject, but, whatever came in my mind I wrote them in most polite and humble tone)
  • Eighth, I commented on many peoples’ blog and tried to encourage them, empower them and uplift their spirit.
This is the few things I have done to make my goal achievable…
This is what I mean by “Walking or going Extra Mile”
And over all result……….
Simply superb; Absolutely amazing, incredible interesting, worth to memorize….
first in quantitative terms which can me measured in figures……
First, I found numerous highly talented, creative, caring and sharing, friendly friends……….
Second, My followers base achieved superb height, within the span of few days it has gone from 13 to 39( and still it is growing up, I am expecting few more friends to join with me on this journey.)
Third, I received creative comments, nice complement, encouraging and inspirational words,love, affection,cheerful smile, well wishes from other bloggers..
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE MENTAL SATISFACTION, THE JOY, THE HAPPINESS, PURE PLEASURE; I have got from the entire experience is just unbelievable, superb and very much encouraging…………
I firmly believe that there are many things in life, which can not be measured in material terms…
So, now my point is that;
All of you have participated in this course;and still it is going on, so,”what extra mile you are walking”,what personally you sacrificed, what additional efforts are you putting to going through it?…..Successfully, Satisfactory….
This month, I visited many blogs (most of the blogs of my new & old followers) & found many new bloggers, they are “going extra mile” to make their blog more  meaningful, more reader- friendly, more appealing, more exiting, by the means of their post, with the usage of various widgets, by changing the themes,or by any means which ever they feel convenient doing it…
“Yes, my dear friends all of you are walking extra mile”………..
All of you, deserve due credit,
Keep it up!!!!!!!!!.
Don’t stop the momentum going on,
Don’t stop the creative flow going on your creative zone, remain in that zone as long as possible…
But one blog which specifically draw my attention…
The one blog, which is not walking extra mile but running extra mile…..
Yes, you heard it right RUNNING EXTRA MILE!!!!!!!!!!
Let me introduce this blog & blogger……
Blogger: Stephanie Tania;
Blog: Sugar & spice;
Why this blog qualified on my criteria of ” Going Extra Mile” criteria;
  • 1) Since last month I am following this blog and slowly but very steadily; I am becoming fan of this blog, but this month I found some amazing & interesting changes from the theme to presentation style.
  • 2) Second and most important criteria:

During this month only the blogger introduce few more recipes..

( I truly appreciate her efforts; because being a blogger, to publish one or two post in month, without using any multimedia is also difficult task for me and she introduce few more recipes…)

For the knowledge of readers…

For publishing one post about recipes you have to pass through various stages

(A) One has to go to the shopping; B) Then prepare it; C) Then take the pictures of it; D) Then Write it; E) Then publish it)

Just imagine how much hard work, efforts and energy needed to publish one single post & especially, when you are studying during day time and doing all these activities at night.

Yes, she is doing it in effortless manner and best part she is doing it with style and statement.


Come on friends…

Let us, cheer -up; for her hard work,

Let us,cheer-up; for her dedication and devotion…

Let us, cheer-up; for her persistent performance…

Let us, cheer up; for her devotion towards the thing which she likes most(following the true calling of heart)

Stephanie, please accept my heartfelt congratulation for your hard work,
Now, since, the title of this post is ” Go the Extra mile” and you have qualified for it…
Can you please do little favor to me by replying me in comment section…
Can you please reply me in below format….
1) The Goal(S):
Where you can write the basic goal(s) of your blog..
If you need more guidance, let me suggest you, if someone ask me “What is the goal of my blog?” So, I will reply like this, I do have many goals, first, to write the quotations, idioms and proverbs in more meaningful manner; second, to encourage some one, Third; to meet new and like minded people, Fourth) spread the smile on some one face, but out of all these goals, my major goal is to connect with like minded & friendly people like me who believes in high values of life, who believes in highest standard of morale, who believes in the integrity of personality…
Like wise, you can mention, what ever comes in your mind…
2) What you have sacrificed to achieve these goal(s)?
Where you can write about any financial or personal sacrifices..
If some one ask me the same question, I reply like this;
First) To achieve my goal to connect with like minded people; everyday I spend nearly one to two hours to read other bloggers “About” page, so, everyday, I sacrificed my two hours for this goal.If I earn x amount of money in one hour, so, everyday,it is sacrifice of my 2X amount of my earning. 
Where you can write about the reward you are getting through this process..
If someone ask me the same question, I reply like this..By connecting myself with like minded people; I am getting pure pleasure of friendship,joy.happiness, love, affection.
Like wise, what ever comes in your mind you can write; there is no word limit, there is no space limit, you can write as much as you wish, So, I, as well as other bloggers get inspiration from you.
Last but not least, 
To all the bloggers…
As all of you know blogging U is going on and all of us working hard, So, I request to each one of you; to write in comment section( in above mention format- The Goals,The sacrifices, The Reward); so, other bloggers get inspiration, encouragement from your comment, they feel they are not only, but there are many people working hard, it will boost up their confidence, it will boost up their morale, it will push them to work extra hard…
Don’t you think, it is noble work to spread smile on someone face?
Don’t you think, it is our way of giving back to society?
So,I specifically, request to all of you; to write as much as possible in comment section…
If someone; who is not participating in the “Blogging U’ they can write anything related to the subject of topic.
One more thing, currently, I am closely following many blogs, so, who knows, next month it is you or your blog publish here…


61 thoughts on “GO THE EXTRA MILE; IDIOMS

  1. You should do the assignments, I would love to read everything you have to say 🙂 But I understand it can be tough because there are a lot of assignments. Actually talking about that I am behind, this whole entire week. I liked how you included a blogger that you admire. That was really cool.

    • Carolyn,
      First of all thanks for being first to comment on this post. I truly consider myself fortunate to have such a encouraging, energetic and enthusiastic friend like you. I wish; throughout our “Blogging Journey” we will have a same cordial, warmth and “Caring & Sharing” relationship and each passing day it become more stronger,solid and sustainable, so, we can withstand with each other under any storm or thunder.
      Carolyn, by nature, I am very choosy person, especially, regarding the selection of my friends and one more time you proved that my selection of friends is always appropriate.
      “God bless You”

  2. WOW, I feel so honored to be featured on your post! (Forgive me for not replying soon enough, since I have just gotten out of work.) But I feel that you have gone the extra mile as well. I think we can all agree that you have been a wonderful, thoughtful reader who has gone above and beyond in recognizing our work. You’ve taken great care to, not just be a follower, but establish a friendship in the blogging community. I truly appreciate all of your efforts in supporting me as a newbie. So thank you for encouraging me~

    And as per your request, here are my responses to your questions:
    1. The Goal: As you have done, I would like to form many friendships within this community through my blog and connect to many others who possess a shared interest. Moreover, within the next year or so I want to work on expanding my blog more, so that it’s not really passive, but interactive as well. Another short term goal is to work on producing more video tutorials because actual, live demonstrations tend to be more helpful. The overall goal of my blog itself is to share to the world my love and passion for culinary and pastry arts.
    2. What have I sacrificed to achieve these goals?
    Hmmm…I think there are always opportunity costs to everything, but I would say that time and energy are the biggest sacrifices. OH and sleep! Definitely sleep haha. Whenever I am in the kitchen, I tend to lose track of time and bake until the wee hours of 3am in the morning or so.
    3. The Rewards: Having something to call my own. Following my dreams. Making my own dreams come true. For me, the biggest reward of them all is being able to share all of these with somebody out there. I hope that I can inspire somebody someday.

    I hope that you are satisfied with my answers~
    Thank you for motivating me,

    P.S. I also agree with Carolyn! You have worked your butt off devoting time for us, now you must spoil yourself!

    • Stephanie,
      I don’t have any word to say to you, because, whatever, I was wanted to tell you, I have mentioned in the post.
      Just; from the bottom of my heart and in presence of God “Wish you all the best, each passing day, your life become more fulfilling and the way, your friendship enrich my heart, same way, it enrich to those who come in your contact”.

  3. Hello Swajith,
    The Goal: To improve my writing skills and myself as well.
    The Sacrificed: I sacrifice my habit of procrastinating, which I am quite happy about.
    The Reward: I get to know amazing people like you, who spread happiness.

    • Shweta,
      You made my day!
      It gives me immense pleasure that such a wonderful blogger; despite of managing wonderful blog, publishing various thought- provoking, enjoyable post, visited my blog and commented on it.
      I wish, more often, we will visit each other’s blog and by the means of comment will try to remain in contact of each other and try to spread happiness in each other’s life.
      Wishing you all the best about everything in your life………..

  4. Hi Swajith! this post is great – here are my answers:
    Goal: to write helpful & meaningful posts on lifestyle, travel, tech and food – four aspects that define me!
    Sacrifice: working much harder on finding the balance between professional and personal life. To maintain a blog – I really need to focus on making sure I have quality content and I need to work on reducing the time spent on my professional life so I can blog more!
    Reward: The ability to create little miracles through my content – for someone to walk away and think – hey that was really helpful! 🙂

    • Mamta;
      I am unable to express my happiness in words regarding finding your presence here!
      I am absolutely thankful to you for spending your time from your personal and professional life and commented here.
      Regarding your goal, you are already writing wonderful posts, but, I appreciate your inner urge to improvise.
      I wish, more often, we will visit each other’s blog and over the time will try to focus on how we can improvise, through our fruitful feedback, solid suggestions, trustworthy tips & helpful hints.
      Wishing you all the best for everything in your life………………..

  5. Hi there!
    Another very motivational post you have written here. As I finished reading it I asked myself if I was truly going the extra mile to give my all to not only this blog, but my life and my journey. The answer is yes and no and now I, with your help I have been inspired to write a post on them! It will probably take me a little while but I am excited about it so thank you!!
    In response to your questions. My goal as you know is to inspire and motivate my readers to think. I am a strong believer in free will and I hope I can encourage people and bring some sunshine to their days. As for my sacrifice… I must admit currently the only sacrifice is my excess abundance of free time since I am on winter break. In the future though that is going to become very limited and dear to me therefore becoming a bigger sacrifice. Lastly, my achievement/ reward has been meeting people like you, reading what others have to say and finding that people are actually interested in my thoughts and opinions.
    Thank you again for the inspiration!
    Until next time,

    • Celina,
      You truly sunshine my day, by commenting here!
      From bottom of my heart, I am thankful to for your this “Friendly gesture”, despite of winter-break, managing wonderful blog, posting wonderful, inspirational post more often, replying to the your followers, still you have not only read my entire post, but obliged me with this wonderful comment.
      I truly, consider myself fortunate to have a “solid and strong support system” like you.
      Eagerly awaiting to read your post about ” going extra mile” (Don’t worry take your own time).
      I wish, more often, we should visit each other’s blog, so, throughout this “blogging journey”, we can inspire, enrich and empower each other.
      I know, being a sensible and creative people more often we need support, so, let us become the ” helping hands, friends in need, support system of each other”
      As always,Wishing you all the best regarding everything in your life>

    • Zero Creativity,
      Sure, we will “Go an extra mile” with help, support, care and guidance with each other.
      I truly appreciate your precise & prompt reply, yes, creative field is in badly need of few more people like you, those who are not creative but at the same time committed.
      Wishing you all the best………………

  6. Okay. Wow, that’s one motivational post I can say.
    So, um. i realized that I’ve been through an extra mile since in the first place, I created this blog for no reason. Apparently, I just don’t know but it starts to gain some value, that I should publish my works often–to share my thoughts to others and also (like what you do now), motivates others. I am so glad that I’ve come here and thanks for inviting me in! 😀
    Keep motivating others! It’s another way of helping!


    • Tina,
      First of all; thanks a lot for coming here!
      It gives me immense pleasure to welcome my new friend.
      Yes, you are right many blogs initially created with no reasons by bloggers, but over the time, it pick up some momentum and slowly but steadily finds it path.
      I wish, more often we will visit each other’s blog, so, we can stay in touch with other.
      Wishing you all the best…………….

    • Kelly,
      First of all, I have lots of complain for you, despite of being my “Best Friend”, you arrived very late, I know… I know– you had gone to your home for weekend, I know it very well, you are nominated for “Versatile Blogger Award” but does that mean, you forget your old, loyal, trustworthy & true friends like me????????????
      Please reply me, than and than only, I will reply about your above mention question…………

  7. Hey there, sorry for my late response, I didn’t forget about you 🙂

    First off, I love this post… going the extra mile in any area of our lives really makes a difference and makes us feel more accomplished in whatever it is we do.

    Secondly, my answers to your responses are…

    The Goal – To improve my writing and adding a new variety of content to my blog, as well as meet some fellow bloggers.
    The Sacrifice – To spend less time procrastinating and/or wasting hours on the internet doing nothing.
    The Reward – I’ll have more ideas for my blog as well as new friends to share with… and more blogs to read!

    • Tabitha,
      First of all, thanks for coming here. I am absolutely happy that you honored my invitation.
      I truly appreciate your blog; yes, than also, I support your goal to adding a new variety of content; it is very much essential, because, the more content-rich blog you have the more happy and satisfied readers you will have.
      Wishing you all the best…………………..

  8. Great post! Loved what you said about going that extra mile; good things come from hard work and pushing yourself beyond the bare minimum. And I also love how you’re so enthusiastically participating in the blogging community, forming all those friendships. It’s admirable.
    Now, my answers:
    THE GOAL: To inspire, to provoke deep thought and positivity
    THE SACRIFICE: Time and effort, I often spend hours constructing a blog post (editing and re-editing to make it just the way I want it to be)
    THE REWARD: All the support in the form of lovely messages and follows from readers; that feeling of realising that you’re able to share your work with all these people, that maybe you’re able to make a difference somehow through words

    • Katho,
      First of all thanks a lot for coming here. Presence of people(blogger) like you on my blog, always makes me happy!
      Regarding your goal; to inspire, to provoke deep thought and positivity, always count me on this, I truly admire your idea, because, God has given us wonderful “Gift of Writing” so, why not to utilize it to make this planet more pleasurable, pleasant through our writing.
      Don’t worry too much about the sacrifices in present about “Editing and Re-editing” because, everything remains on net fore ever, so, try to do the work in such a manner that after year or so, you look back to the work you have done, you should feel proud about it.
      Wishing you all the best……………

  9. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. I’m here to return the favor and happy that I am. I really like the theme of your blog, I think it’s a beautiful and creative idea, and I find it very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your story about the growth of your blog as well. It’s great that your starting off with so much success already. Happy writing!!!

    • Buddhing Traveler;
      I am extremely thankful for your visit.
      I am extremely thankful for your comment.
      I am extremely thankful for following my blog;so, from today; I too, started to follow your blog.
      Believe me; visiting your blog and reading your posts are pure pleasure for me; I am considering my self fortunate such a wonderful, thoughtful, spiritual and religious person is my good friend.
      I wish, more often; we should visit each other’s blog; because, there are many common passion, inner urge which simply connects us.
      Wishing you all the best of your wonderful eternal & enlighten journey!

    • Lilypup;
      Thanks for your wonderful comment.
      “In my professional life I have served as a teacher, a principal, an art museum docent, and a retail worker. Yes, I taught kindergarten”.(From the “About” page of lilypup)
      It gives me immense pleasure to welcome such a distinguish person at my blog; by the way, from today; I started to follow your wonderful blog; if you do the same; I will be thankful to you.
      Don’t you think like minded bloggers should remain in contact with each other by following each other’s blog and time to time comment on it?????????????????????????????????????????????
      Wishing you all the best…………………..

    • Thanks for your inspirational and motivational comment; it means lot to me.
      I am absolutely thankful to you for following my blog; from today, I to started to follow your blog; by following each other’s blog; we will try to enhance, empower and enrich each other.
      Wishing you all the best…………………………………
      Do I need to say; today, I visited your blog and it was indeed delightful experience.

    • Thanks for your visit,reading,comment and subscription of my blog, I too did the same, I wish, we will have a wonderful blogging friendship, what do you think??????????????????????????
      Wishing you all the best………………..

      • For sure!:) I’m only just wondering though if you just replied to this as the comment was made in Jan this year or was there a lag from wordpress…

        Wishing you all the best too! 🙂

  10. Like you, I am participating in Blogging 101. You requested that I visit, follow, and comment on you new and growing blog, so I dutifully doing so. I wish you the best as you continue your blogging adventure.

    • Thanks a lot for kind friendly gesture.
      Because, when distinguish, knowledgeable, humble people like you visit my blog, comment on it and follow it; I truly consider my self fortunate; because, I firmly believe that, the more knowledgeable readers you have, the more, they can contribute to enhance blogger’s skill.
      By the way; today, I read your post “God’s Call”;believe me on your each and every word, I felt myself on the same journey. It is one of the best post, I have ever read.
      Wishing you all the best…………………………………….

  11. The Goal: To have an outlet that brings others together to discuss common life issues.
    The Sacrificed: I will sacrifice my need to hide the real me for fear of reaction. (This is a positive)
    The Reward: I will meet many new friends that otherwise I may never have met.

    • Kassandra;
      Thanks a lot for your wonderful feedback.
      If your GOAL is to have an outlet that brings others together to discuss common life issues; count me on this!
      I too; firmly believe in this and for staying in contact with you from today, I started to follow your blog; If you do the same; I will be the happiest person on the earth.
      Wishing you all the best……………………………………………

  12. I appreciate your thoughts about the “like” button. But, in reality, we know people will continue to use it. I, for one, can’t see blogging without it. I guess it’s a way of saying, “atta a girl.” But I do comment when I’m inspired to do so — even if it’s just one sentence. Your post has, obviously, inspired me to write more . . .

    1) The Goal(S):
    My goals are (1) to use my writing talent in a manner that is pleasing unto God; (2) to “find my voice” within the blogging community; and (3) to inspire others with my love for reading, writing, genealogy, and graphic design.

    2) What you have sacrificed to achieve these goal(s)?
    Long before starting this blog, I pulled myself away from the television — which was a mindless activity and time-waster. Yes, I still watch some shows; but I’m more selective about how my television time is spent. I have, likewise, stopped giving facebook such large chunks of my time. Lastly, though writing in the stillness of the night doesn’t feel like a sacrifice, my body tells me otherwise. Sleep is a sacrifice that I want to reverse. This can be accomplished by making the most of my waking hours.

    The reward that comes to mind is realizing that writing a blog is not a one-way event. I am not to just put my thoughts “out into the universe” as if they were some sacred script that cannot be broken. If I care enough to write about a thing in the first place, I should care enough to respond to readers who comment. There are always going to be comments by readers that will need to be considered . . . conversations that need to be carried out . . . life lessons to apply. Having said that — there will come a point at which I’ll have to “let the sleeping dog lie” — as the saying goes.

    Thank you for taking time to visit my blog and comment on my “About Me” page. That is truly a way to get to know the writer. I’m also a fan of collecting quotes. Reading your blog is both soothing and thought-provoking.

    • Donna;
      First of all thanks for visiting my blog.
      Second ) thanks for very though-provoking and useful comment.
      Third) Thanks for following my blog; in fact, from today, I too started to follow your blog.
      In fact, you can not imagine how much I am happy to see your wonderful comment, because, like you, I too like to discuss, argue, count-argue with others; so, believe me, having such a good friend like you will give me enough opportunity to discuss many points in my as well as your blog.
      There are many points in your comment which needs further discussion; like;
      First of all) regarding your first paragraph about usage of “LIKE” button, frankly speaking, I am not against it, but, I am absolutely against the wrong usage of it; now a days, more or less, it is used as “PRESENCE REGISTER”, when someone has published something and by just clicking the “LIKE” button, one try to proves that he/she has visited your post and now fill up the his/her name on “PRESENCE REGISTER”., it should be avoided, it’s my personal opinion.
      SECOND) I am absolutely happy that you want to write to pleasing “GOD”, yes, you are absolutely right, because, WORDPRESS has given such a wonderful platform, “GOD” has given us writing skill so why not to utilize it in a most pleasing manner to GOD.
      THIRD) Regarding minimum usage of FACE BOOK, frankly speaking, I am not against any Social Media Network but, personally, I feel the more less; I utilize the more better it is; and that’s why in my blog, I have not used single plug-in.
      Fourth) Regarding reward to communicate more with readers; I completely support your thinking, because, I too pay lots of attention on to interact with my readers, believe me, I publish one or two post in a month, rest of the time, I spend to read other blogger’s blog, comment on their post, approving my reader’s comment and replying them in most satisfying manner and believe me this process I enjoy more than publishing post, because, it is absolutely enjoyable experience to talk with someone to whom you admire, to whom you respect……
      I wish, I tried to clarify as many points as many I can…..
      then also, if you feel anything worth to discuss (except personal matter), I will be more than happy to reply you.
      Wishing you all the best………………..

  13. The Goal for me is to be completely honest about my life experiences. Daring greatly to be vulnerable to complete strangers. The sacrifice is my pride and rose colored glasses. I tell it like it is. Sometimes in uncomfortable.
    The Reward has been that in learning to sit with things that are uncomfortable, I reach outside my comfort zone and enrich my experience.

    • Stephanie;
      First of all; thanks a lot for visiting my blog, comment on it and following my blog.
      It gives me immense pleasure to welcome such a wonderful person on my blog.
      Regarding your goal; to be vulnerable to complete strangers; believe me this is one of the most courageous task; and many of us cannot do it; but, I am absolutely happy to see that someone like you have started to do it; yes, it needs great amount of sacrifice on our pride, ego part.
      Wishing you all the best………………………………..

  14. Goal- To transform my dreams into reality.
    Sacrifice- My official identity
    Reward- Getting inspiration, extending and accepting the hand of friendship, conversing with people like me, getting the feedback regarding my writing.

    • Yashika;
      First of all thanks a lot for visiting, commenting and following my blog.
      I am extremely happy that such a wonderful, creative and talented blogger like you following my blog; I too started to follow your blog and believe me it’s too good.
      I am extremely happy to read your “REWARD” part of comment; yes, like you; I too believe in extending and accepting the hand of friendship; so, from today, please feel free to consider me as your friend; I wish, by following each other’s blog and frequent commenting on each other’s post, we will try to provide useful feedback to each other.
      Wishing you all the best………………………..


  16. Great inspirational and motivational post !!! You are very high spirited and positive person, keep it up 🙂
    Here’s me:
    Blog goal : To nurture my creative side.
    Sacrifice: Nothing, I don’t have many like minded friends around me, hence I sacrificed them to get connected to you lovely people here :). This is like my utopia coming true 🙂
    Rewards: Positive energy, I come across so many creative people which is really motivating.

    All the best !!!

    • Prasna,
      Thanks a lot for your visit,reading and comment on this post. I am glad to know that you have created your blog for nurturing your creative side and according to me you are doing it fairly well.
      I wish, your all dream come true in blogging as well as in real life.
      Please keep coming………….
      Wishing you all the best………………

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