This is classic combination of 2(TWO) POST in 1(ONE) POST


In the response of my previous post GO TO THE EXTRA MILE-PART -2

3- bloggers- my loyal friends; clearly mention that they want to read few more feedback; so, post-1 is completely dedicated to these three wonderful friends; Stephanie, Yashika, Meloheart.

POST- 2;  

Written for all; especially; for my all FEMALE followers cum friends;


POST-1 For -Stephanie,Yashika, Meloheart

Yes, friends, this post, I have written for all of you; now, let us continue our on-going discussion;

In previous post; I discussed three points; now, from here, we will move little further;



Yes, how you manage your email-id is also important issue; I don’t know anything about all of you; but; how I am managing my email-id that I will explain to all of you;

While creating my blog; I have created exclusive EMAIL-ID; just for the purpose of my blog only; where I just receives Emails related to my blog only;

The obvious benefits of it;

Whenever you log-in or Sign-in in your blog email-id; one thing is quiet sure that you will have all the mails related to your blog only; so, you don’t have to juggle up between your non-blogging and blogging mail.

As all of you know; we as a bloggers receive three to four types of mails;

  •  Comments from new readers or first timers;
  •  Comments from old readers;
  •  Word press news and posts and prompts;
  •  Reply of previous comments on someone’s blogs;
  •  New posts from the blogs which you have subscribed;

Now: what I do: generally, Whenever I sign-in my email-id; once in a morning for half an hour to one hour; so, whenever; I log-in to my account;  I will have all five types of mails-; so, I have prioritize it in such a way;

  • First of all; I approve the comment of my first time readers; because, for me it is most priority base task; once, I approve & moderate comments; I immediately reply that comment in my blog; while replying the comment my first sentence, invariably is: THANKS FOR YOUR VISIT, READING AND COMMENT ON MY BLOG; second, sentence, I write something good about that blogger or his/her blog and in third portion- I satisfy his/her query, question or confusion; after doing this, depending upon the time; I visit the blog of that blogger and comment on his/her about page or recent post and thank him/her regarding comment on my blog.

I don’t know how much time it takes, but, after completing this first task;,

  • If I have more time, I read the new comments on my blog by my old readers and reply them in my blog; after completing this activity; I read the posts of the bloggers whose blogs I have subscribed; Generally; I receive ten posts in my Inbox everyday; here; also priority plays vital role, there are few bloggers like Stephanie, Yashika, Meloheart, Tony So, Katho, Shweta, Tabby, Celina, Donna, Shruti & many other bloggers; whose post; I always read on priority basis & comment on it; so my first session on my blog; I use in this manner;
  • And remaining post and other posts from Word press I read on night; during my second session of Log-in; whenever, I have spare time of half an hour to one hour; so, with the help of this description;
  • I would like to draw two specific conclusion; first; keep your blog email-id separate form your personal communication email-id it will save your half of the blogging time; second; while managing the email id try to follow above mention points so within minimum amount of time you can achieve maximum result.


POST-2- For all female followers cum friends;

Hello; All female followers cum friends;

First of all;

Wishing you all the best for Very Happy Women’s International day!!!!!!!


Yes; being a woman don’t you know that throughout the world (8- March) this day is celebrated as a “International Women’s day”???????????.

No problem; still you have many days to celebrate it in your own way!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way; have you decided about it; being a blogger how you are going to celebrate it;

I know very well; none of you have thought about it;

OK, here, I am giving you some suggestions to celebrate it.


Don’t you think publishing a post on this day; regarding something related to women; is unique way to celebrate this day!

Yes, being a woman and being a blogger; by publishing one unique post about; women empowerment, common problems faced by the women in society, obstacles women face in their personal as well as professional life etc.

So, first of tell me; how many of you are going to publish the post on that day????????


POST-1 For –Stephanie, Yashika,Meloheart



This is also very important issue; which contribute a lot in your blogging success; whenever, someone subscribe for your blog; without fail, visit his/her blog and thank him/her for subscription; for that matter; what I have done; I have prepared one standard message; LIKE THIS;

Stephanie; first of all thanks for following my blog; you are most welcome at my blog, from today, I too started to follow your blog; by following each other’s blog and commenting on each other’s blog; we will try to empower, enhance and enrich other; wishing you all the best;

This is standard message I have created and just by changing the name; without fail, I write it on the new  subscribers “About” page of the bloggers on comment section;

Now, do you know, with one message, I have killed three birds;

  • I won the sympathy of that blogger;
  • I created good impression in his/her mind; so my future’s all the communication with them will be very smooth, sweet, cordial and more friendly;
  •  My message will remain there for ever in his/her “About” page so, lifetime it will be publicity of my blog, whenever other bloggers read this message on their blog and if it appeals to them; they simply visit my blog and in many a cases subscribe my blog too; so, at present I have around 60 +(plus) active bloggers friends and in each of your blog advertisement of my blog is there and yes, many a times, your friends also becomes my friends too…..

So, concluding part ; create one very wonderful standard message in your own style; save it in your draft and whenever someone subscribe your blog; immediately, paste this message in his/her “About” page.


POST-2-For all female followers cum friends;


Be mentor of one or two teenager or young women blogger;

Yes, if you are established blogger; having a mature age, years of experience in personal & professional life or in blogging life; find out one or two, teenager or young girls(women) fro your followers list and be mentor of them; first of all, slowly but very steadily; built up relationship with them; win their trust, and initially help them in their blogging life and when you feel that your relationship is solid enough; take keen interest in their educational life and grow and nurture their talent, be their “friend, philosopher cum guide”

So, tell me, how many of you will implement this idea????????????


POST-1 For -Stephanie,Yashika, Meloheart



There is nothing wrong in RE-BLOGGING; in fact, it is good idea to promote someone’s post, or acknowledge someone’s good work, but, while re-blogging keep in mind;

  • First; Reblogg only those post which you personally like; do not re-blog the post; just for maintain good relation with your blogger friend.
  • Second; Reblogg only those post; which are suitable to nature of your blog;
  • Third; Re blogging post keep on your blog for very few days only, because, your readers visiting your blog for reading your post; they are used to your own writing style, presentation style and subject selection, many a times; they may not digest the test of other bloggers work.


POST-2 For all female followers cum friends;


Occasionally promote good blogs and website on your blog related to women empowerment;

If you search and surf through the net you will find there are many blogs and websites completely dedicated for the women empowerment programmed only and they are doing very noble work in this direction; so, whenever you find such a blog and website without hesitation feature it in your blog; so, all of your readers can benefited through that blog or website.

So, tell me, within one quarter how many blogs or website you will feature in your blog???????


 POST-1 For -Stephanie,Yashika, Meloheart



Very slowly but very steadily start to built up your own community; for that; first of all; be clear in your mind; what types of people you would like to have as your friend; and as per your choice; everyday or during your spare time visit various blogs and whenever you find someone good as your friend; without any hesitation; request them to be your friend; it will take some time but result will be more rewarding than your expectations.


POST-2 For all female followers cum friends;


I found this website while searching and surfing through net;

Without fail visit it;


This website gives you an opportunity to publish your own page on their website

This website gives you an opportunity to download logo;

In short; visit each and every PAGE of this website and utilize it in a best possible manner!





POST-1 For -Stephanie,Yashika, Meloheart



Whenever you feel that you have written one of the best post; whenever you find that your readers liked this post; whenever you find that you have received number of comments on the post; keep that post on your blog for more days and promote that post aggressively in blogosphere.



Yashika; Wishing you all the best for your exams.




    • Meloheart;
      First of all thanks for your visit, reading and commenting on my blog.
      Oh….Why should I not thanks you for being first commentator on my post?????????.
      It gives me immense pleasure to know that you enjoyed this post; and believe me; this post; I have created for the wonderful, good, talented, hard-working and very very creative friends like you.
      Do you know; How much, I am happy to see that each and every day; your blog is achieving new heights in the terms of posts, creative content, followers.
      Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
      As always wishing you all the best…………………

      • Meloheart;
        The more you thanks me; the more I feel embarrassed; because, I have done nothing specific for any of you; what I am just trying to do is that each one of you have some remarkable talents and I am just trying to channelize your creative talent in most positive manner; so; now onward please don’t thank me too much;
        As a popular sentence
        “Minimize the usage of words Thank you & Sorry with your close friends”
        So, now it is up to you……..
        Wishing you all the best………….

    • Stephanie;
      First of all thanks for your visit,reading and comment on this post.
      As always it is pure pleasure for me whenever you visit my blog.
      Through, your blog post and comment on it; I am in constant contact with you; but still can not resist myself to tell you; please feel free to contact me whenever you feel; I can be little bit helpful to you.
      “Hope and Faith is two basic ingredients of wonderful recipe of life, so, being a experienced recipe blogger; I wish you will utilize it more often.
      As always wishing you all the best……..

      • Stephanie;
        What are my hopes????????????
        I,Always wants to see my good friends like you remain happy throughout their life and their every dream come true.
        So, my hope as well as happiness is completely depends upon friends like you………….
        As always wish you all the best………..

      • Stephanie;
        I don’t know much more about myself whether I am kind or not that part I am leaving on you; but; one thing is sure that I always pray to God to make me more humble, more sympathetic, more caring about others; and believe me, Stephanie, in presence of God I am writing it; the more I wish happiness of others, the more my life becomes better, brighter, beautiful and brilliant; so, what I consider is it as a simple message of GOD that; if you want more happiness in your life; give more happiness to others; and believe me it works; try it for few days; you will enjoy it; and many a times you feel that some “Guiding Angel” is helping you at each and every moment of life; so, I am absolutely enjoying each and every moment of life with this “Guiding Angel”
        Wishing you all the best…………

    • Katho;
      Thanks for your visit, reading and comment on this post.
      Through your post and comment on it; we are in constant contact with each other; and one more time, I consider myself fortunate to have a wonderful blogger of your stature, class and quality is my good friend.
      Wishing you all the best………

    • Nadege;
      Thanks for your this nice and very encouraging feedback. It gives me immense pleasure to see that by following my simple advice with your rock solid attitude, firm-determination and hard work you are getting the required results.
      Keep it up, keep in mind, it is long journey, so, maximize your attention-span and the more traffic you will have, the more number of friends and followers you will have, you will simply enjoy it, keep visiting other people’s blog, leave some very useful and positive comment on their posts and surely they will start to follow your blog and when they visit your blog, comment on it, welcome them as your family members, encourage them to open up, initiate more and more conversation with them, by any means, compel them to re-visit your blog and during that process build up the good friendship with them, follow this simple strategy and you as well as your blog will start to flourish.
      Please keep coming……………
      Wishing you all the best…………………………

  1. Hello friend! How was your vacation? Missing and thought I would visit your post today. I’m at my sister’s house to cook for my papy, and drops of sweats are falling off my face, like grains of uncrushed salt straight from the ocean. Why? Because my father has been sick, and cant’ stand the air condition. Mind you we live in Florida. Need I -SAY-MORE?

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