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Today’s post;


There are many reasons of failures; some of them are worth to mention;


But out of all; do you know which one reason I consider most influential, most powerful, and most responsible for someone’s failure??????????


Yes, lack of practice is one factor, I consider most responsible in someone’s failure. Practice-This simple looking virtue can fundamentally affect our success or failure in each and every endeavor of life and same applies in our blogging life too. After having one and half years experience in blogging life, after publishing 27 posts on my blog, after receiving 451 comments on my blog, after having hundreds of likes on my various posts, after nominated for many awards after passing thousands comments on various blogs

What one lesson I learned????????????????


The more I practice the more it build up my confidence, the more I practice the more it improvise my skill, the more I practice the more it improvise my speed, the more I practice the more it improvise my productivity.

In short; when I started my blog at that time I had 0 followers cum friends and today I have more than 100 + followers cum friends and major credit goes to my regular practice in each and every sphere of blogging, whether it is publishing post, replying to the comments on my blog, or commenting on my many friend’s blog this simple virtue of regular practice helped me a lot.

  • Practice means to perform, over and over again without being frustrated or losing enthusiasm in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire.
  • We cannot be perfect on the very first try; In the face of frustration, in the face of failures our best tool is a few deep breaths, and remembering that we can do anything and everything if we practice hard.
  • Practice is an exercise, practice is mantra it simply tunes both our physical and mental entities to the required frequency that helps us to lead towards perfection.
  • Practice is one such tool which sharpens & strengthens our abilities and capabilities beyond our capacities in pursuit of our worthy goal.
  • Practice awakens the lethargic or dormant potential we have and induces confidence and that confidence helps us to succeed in any task.
  • To practice is to meditate in positive and negative situation.

Concluding part or summary or morale of the story; we have to be aware of the fact that without planned and constant practice, it is next to possible to reach to achieve goals. So perfection and practice go simultaneously that is why practice makes a man perfect.

“Today, I am asking one simple question to all of you, out of all above reasons of failures which one relates you more and what is your counter strategy to deal with it”??????????


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46 thoughts on “PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT-proverb

    • Meloheart;
      First of all thanks a lot for your visit,reading and comment on this post; it gives me immense pleasure to know that this is your favorite proverbs, but what about the question I have asked you in the my post, I am eagerly awaiting to read which one of the reasons holding your progress and what action plan do you have to deal with it, so, when can I expect the reply from you???????????????????????????????????????
      Wishing you all the best………………..

  1. Very true, without practice to sharpen our skills, we will not reach our full potential. Regarding your question, I would say from the above list the one that pertains most to my current situation is Insufficient Education. While I am well versed in language and creative arts, I lack the necessary education to pursue the career of my choosing, which is cosmetology. This stems from a lot of unfortunate circumstances that forced me to put it on hold, not to mention the fact that education in the United States is very expensive when you are trying to pay for it on your own. Add the fact that for the FAFSA application for student grants one will not be considered independent unless he or she is married or 24 years old, and must provide parental information (which I could not do due to my forced severed ties with my family which is why I left so early in the first place). It was just a lot of bad luck. How do I combat it? Simple, I kept my head up, worked as hard as I could just to survive, and held on until I turned 24, so I could more easily apply for college. I cut ties with those that wanted to bring me down and didn’t want me to be successful. I lived a lot of my life feeling alone, but never let myself break. I kept searching for people to talk to that would bring me up, not hold me back. It was hard, don’t get me wrong. I guess in the end, it was all about hope and will power. I knew the second I let go of hope, my will power would have been drained. I told myself that the life I lived did hurt, but that it would continue to hurt if I didn’t keep trying to eventually pull myself to a point of success. Now? I am awaiting the chance to apply to one of the best cosmetology schools in the world. In the meantime, I can sharpen the skills I do have, and learn more about beauty trends and techniques online while I wait to learn how to implement them.

    • Young,energetic,enthusiastic lady;
      First of all thanks a lot for your visit,reading and comment on this post.
      One honest confession, since last few days we met on cyber world and during these few days we communicated with each other many a times and each time I am amused about your will power, your firm determination,
      your enthusiasm level, your creative blend of mind,your above comment has reinforced my belief.
      Yes, you are not only beautiful but brilliant too.
      There are many points in your comments which I would like to discuss as a friendly conversation;
      First of all I am extremely sorry to listen about some of the unfortunate event happened in your life like family matters, yes, I do agree it not only hurts financially but morally and mentally too and in many cases the consequences may be much more dire or serious than our expectations.
      Second; regarding your choice of education, yes, cosmetology is one of the most sought after vocation of 21st century, so, be prepared because the more higher goal you have the more you have to prove your self in your case it is not just education or the difficulty of education is major issue but other issues how to pass through their stringent criteria, how to arrange finance for it are and will be much more crucial criteria, but, looking to your determination level, your rock solid attitude, your never say die kind of spirit are some of the finest , most precious and priceless assets you possesses which may not be with the kids who born and brought up with silver spoon, so, in any given situations and circumstances you will perform far better than them because you are just like a CACTUS, DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? WHENEVER YOU HAVE SPARE TIME THINK OVER IT; JUST ONE HINT; CACTUS ALWAYS GROWS AGAINST WIND, WITHOUT WATER, WITHOUT PROPER SHELTER AND THAN ALSO IT FACES STORM AND THUNDERS MORE AGGRESSIVELY THAN THE USUAL FLOWERS OF FOREST/ GOT MY POINT AND REPLY ME HERE ONLY……….
      have your heard, read or know anything about OPRAH WINFREY????
      IF yes, what you know?????????????????????
      Eagerly awaiting to read your reply………..
      Wishing you all the best……………………..

      • You are very kind in your compliments of my attitude and personality. As for the points of discussion, yes the hurt from lack of familial support does hurt in many more ways than financially, as finances can be eventually made, whereas family cannot be replaced. My family was of the opinion that a “drone” or “normal child” was preferable to my free spirit, and that if they could not have that, they would rather have me out of their life. Not so much by their words, butt by their actions towards me. However, I could not live to their standards, as everyone has their own path in life. As for the second point, yes, I will have a lot of work to do, however since I see the career as a passion and not just a job, this will help me immensely. It also helps that I am determined enough to get what I want out of life. As for the cactus comment, I believe I know what you mean. The cactus is at times seen as something sharp, and without the usual appeal of more fragile plants. However, the cactus thrives even through lack of usual nutrition, and turns what some see as a disadvantage to an advantage. It thrives in the most harsh conditions, when other flowers would wilt away. Its beauty lies in its strength and fortitude. And in the end, even cacti can bloom flowers of immense beauty.
        I know that Oprah Winfrey has a television show, but I have never kept up with it honestly.

      • Thanks for your reply;
        I truly understand your stand against some of the issues regarding your family matters and everybody has their own path in their life, so, congratulation for having firm confidence in your belief but as you know freedom always comes with certain price tag and many a times price tag may me much more higher than we can afford, do you know that???????????
        Eagerly awaiting to read your reply……………..

      • I suppose what it comes down to for some is the price tag of freedom versus the price tag of not being free. Everything in life has a price. For me, yes, freedom carries a huge price tag, both monetarily and emotionally. However, in the long run, I would have paid more had I chose the adverse path, and I would have paid it forever. I would have paid with long term happiness, ambition, dreams, and being true to who I am, all for people that would not have been satisfied either way, since they are the cause of their own unhappiness. Yes, the price for freedom was high, in having to cut ties with my family, however in reality it is easier to pay seeing as it was a price they forced, and I cannot have family for the sake of family when they choose to make everything difficult because they are miserable. Everyone’s price for what they want to do is different, and in the end it is up to the individual to decide which price is worth paying.

  2. I agree with the majority of the reasons you stated on this proverb: “Practice Makes a Man Perfect.” Persistence is a valuable virtue, and the best avenue to sharpen a particular skill is through practice. But, to be honest, there are certain subject which regardless how many hours I devote to practice, practice and practice, it does not seem to make any difference.

    Yes, I’m referring to the subject we defined as “Math.” Whether, algebra, geometry, statistic, calculus… you name it. I could start from the past three semesters, when I either failed, or withdrew from these classes, and continue my practice journey through eternity. My conclusion would still remain as follow: “There is no way in heaven, on earth, or underneath the earth, I could possibly force myself to believe, “if I continue beyond the effort I have already invested, I would eventually pass my college lever math class.”

    I’ve tried every remedies so far, no result. I took some basic – pre algebra classes. Still nothing. My daughters spent hours with the hope to help me understand the formulas. Unfortunately, they just don’t register in my system. To make matters worse, I discovered one major problem last month. I’m allergic to math. My memory just cannot retain anything pertaining to numbers. Additionally, I get major migraine, and even a fever. No joke.

    My last solution was to fast and pray. I even memorized the following scriptures: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.” And, “Faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen.” Honestly, with all my faith in God, and the angelic realm, I still did not see any evidence of faith manifested. So, even with all the positive vibes, all the practice “which awakens the lethargic or dormant potential …” As you said, I???
    My conclusion in this matter? I really think some of us are better equipped for certain learnings, or task, while others are just not. God is a perfect God, and all His creations have unlimited potential. But, we must remember, all is “according to His purpose and Glory.” Perhaps He holds a secret path for me, yet to be revealed. Had it not been for my math challenge, I would not have discovered this blog. Therefore, I still trust in the fact that God knows what’s best for all of us.

    But, to bring some humor on this subject, I will go as far to say perhaps when God was creating me, the “math cells” angel was out on a date. So, upon his return, knowing he was in trouble with the Big Man, he had a major migraine. Particularly when God in his Fury yelled: “You better find a way to impart into her body her “math cells!” The “math cells” angel became so nervous, that when he touched me, his migraine was transferred to me, instead of my portion of “math cells.” So that explains why I get a migraine whenever the word “math class” is mentioned in my presence.

    • Nadege;
      First of all thanks a lot for your visit,reading and comment on this post.
      As always your comment is as valuable and considerate as your wonderful personality. After reading your as well as other bloggers comments I realized that yes practice is good but you cannot expect it to make you perfect, because, after reading your struggle about maths, after reading your hard and tough fight and battle with it where you used almost all the weapons on your armory up to great extent you are right, there are many matters, there are many subjects, there are many things in our life upon which we can not be master and there is nothing wrong in it because ultimately we are simple human being we are not super humanbeing or extra-ordinary person so in that situation to accept it the way you accepted it is best course of life, but not having mastery on one particular subject, not having skill in one particular segment does not mean that we are inferior or not worthy of anything.
      In your case, yes you struggeled hard with maths but now see the beauty you have excel in writing and after each passing day your skill is becoming as sharp as a sharp edge knief, so sometimes it is always good to know that what is our strength and what is our weakness.
      “I really think some of us are better equipped for certain learning, or task, while others are just not. God is a perfect God, and all His creations have unlimited potential. But, we must remember, all is “according to His purpose and Glory.” Perhaps He holds a secret path for me, yet to be revealed. Had it not been for my math challenge, I would not have discovered this blog. Therefore, I still trust in the fact that God knows what’s best for all of us”.
      Yes, almighty has send all of us on this planet with some talent and skill and definite purpose so many a times until and unless we know or we guided by the guardian angel till that moment we have to keep exploring the new path and at an appropriate time we will be guided by the creator of this universe and at that time from bottom of our heart we will come to know that this is what we wanted to do. So, according to me it is journey so till the destination keep walking, keep moving and at an appropriate time you will find your destination.
      Last paragraph of your post is absolutely amazing and I appreciate your humor skill.
      Please keep coming your presence make me as well as my blog happy………………
      Wishing you all the best…………..

  3. I always found this saying a bit wrong because first we say practice makes a man perfect and then we say no one is perfect .I believe practice makes you better not perfect because no one can be perfect there is always someone who will out do you .

    • First of all thanks a lot for your visit, reading and comment on this post.
      I truly appreciate your view point yes many a times we are bit confused about what is right and what is wrong and in that situation it is always good to follow your heart with full conviction.
      Wishing you all the best……………….

  4. Emm, my reason of not being as successful as I’d want to be would be “Procrastination” 😦 I’m really good at it and I tend to let it take a huge chunk of my day away from me.. In times when it gets severe my counter strategy is (this may sound weird) exercising. Getting my body moving and the juices flowing really gets me in the mood for productivity. 🙂
    P.S. Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog and for welcoming me into your wonderful community. 🙂 I’m loving your blog quite thoroughly ^_^

    • A.B.Moody;
      First of all thanks a lot for your visit,reading,comment and subscription of my blog, I too did the same, so, now we are official friend of each other, you are most welcome my dear friend and I wish we will have a very fruitful blogging friendship, isn’t it???????????????????
      Your comment created some confusion in my mind;
      my reason of not being as successful as I’d want to be would be “Procrastination;
      Are you joking???????after having 187 followers, after publishing numerous successful posts still you considered yourself as a failure, so, what is your definition of successful blogging, eagerly awaiting to read your reply.
      Wishing you all the best……………….

      • Oh I’m sorry I didn’t intend to seem overly-modest. It’s just that other than my blogging I’m not very good at giving things my 100% attention. I’m easily distracted 😦 That’s why procrastination is a big issue for me. As for the blogging, oh this is just a side-hobby I have 😀 I don’t take it too seriously, but the love I’ve received from this community from kind and sweet people like you has been overwhelming :’) I can just say I have nothing much to do with it 😀 🙂

    • Megdalena;
      First of all thanks a lot for your visit,reading,comment and subscription of my blog; I too did the same not as a return favor but you as well as your blog is truly amazing and I am more than happy that such a creative,talented,amazing, sweet, cute,charming, inspirational, dynamic, vibrant and colorful person or blogger is my friend;
      Welcome my dear friend in to the wonderful world of blogging friendly, your friend welcomes you with open arms, whole heart and good faith in mind.
      Wishing you all the best…………….

  5. Practise seems like the key, I often just get out of habit of something then other stuff goes down hill so I guess got to keep going and practise. Really good blog and great advise x

    • First of all thanks a lot for your visit,reading and comment on this post.
      It is indeed pleasant experience to read your comment here; your above comment is as sweet, short, thought-provoking and considerate as your all the posts on your bloger, in spite of being newbee you are doing great work I have read your many posts and most of them are worth to admiration, I wish, more often we should visit each other’s blog and comment on it because from my own experience I can say that the more you interact, communicate with other bloggers the more you will enjoy it because blogging is all about connecting with like minded people, am I write or wrong??????please reply me I am eagerly awaiting to read your reply………….
      Wishing you all the best……………….

    • Dr. Sweety;
      Your comment is as sweet as your name and overall personality;
      Regarding your comment;
      “Men need to practice, Women are born perfect”!
      If acknowledgement of this comment makes you happy I don’t have any problem;
      Because, from ancient times men knows how to keep women happy; simple, let them live in their illusion, do not doubt it, do not question it, accept whatever they say as a complete truth………….though almost all know what is reality………
      Wishing you all the best……….

  6. I am simply speachless. You have given such an important lesson and it is so very important for a newbie blogger like me.. practice makes a man perfect. And yes, women too 😉 wonderful and inspiring post.

    • Himali;
      First of all thanks a lot for your visit,reading,comment and subscription of my blog.
      I am extremely thankful to you for your this very kind,supportive and encouraging friendly gesture.
      Honelstly speaking; I have started this series for the countless talneted,creative bloggers like you only, because, bloggers like you have tremendous talents, amazing abilities and if my experience can become little helpful to them, I think I have done.
      I too appreciate your blog and your writing style, you have tremendous potentiality keep exploring it sometimes you too will be the amazed by the hidden talnent you have.
      Wishing you all the best……………….

  7. I love this post! So very true, Practice makes everything brighter and better! I want to thank you for all of the support and thoughts you’ve sent my way! Seeing your comments makes my day 🙂 Hope all is well with you.

    • Chelsea;
      First of all thanks a lot for your visit,reading and comment on this post.
      You cannot imagine how much I am happy to see you here!!!!!!!
      Yes, you have made my day; do you want to want to the reason?????????
      First, you are my dearest friend and seeing you here I feel that my dearest friend has visited my home.
      Second; You are amazing person, wonderful, kind, supportive and very inspirational human being, there are many people feel that my blog is very inspirational but do you know that I am simply inspired by the very creative & talented people like you.
      Third; I truly appreciate your fighting sprite, rock solid attitude and live life with fullest kind of the zeal.
      Fourth; your blog and each post on it are very very sweet and do you know whenever I have spare time I read your previous post.
      So, these are the few reasons which simply makes me your big fan and as a big fan of your personality and blog I wish you come out from the hospital as early as possible so I can read more from you, I wish, you will not disappoint your die-hard fan.
      Remember, fortune favors the brave only and you are one of them.
      Wishing you all the best…………………

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  11. You are right practice, practice, practice it’s the most important of all. I tell my granddaughter that she needs to practice daily her math. I should apply myself so I can write that novel. Nice post and thank you for visiting my blog that give me a chance to check yours and its very cool. I decide to follow you and I will see on your next post.

    • Mar-The great!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks for your visit,reading,comment and subscription to my blog,
      I too subscribed to your blog, so, now we are very good friends and we will have a more and more opportunities to communicate with each other, isn’t it????????????
      Please keep coming, you are most welcome on my blog.
      Wishing you all the best…………..

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