Birds Of A Feather Flock Together-Proverb

Ÿ            Ÿ           Ÿ            Ÿ            Ÿ          Ÿ            Ÿ          Ÿ            Ÿ                

     Birds Of A Feather Flock Together ℘ –  Proverb    

The whole proverb means that people of same nature,type,personality,upbringing,cultural root stays together.

Still, I remember the day,                        ♥                                                                  

Yes, it was…………………..,                                                      ♥

Still, I remember the time,
Yes, it was……………………,
As per my regular scheduled, I logged-in in my email-id and blog.
Out of hundred messages, I  found this very sweet message……
“Congratulation, Himali Shah of Decoding happiness is now following your blog”.
Wow………. wonderful……… Fantastic………. fabulous…….MY usual reaction,
One blogger has started to follow my blog,
(Quotations, Idioms and Proverbs) A blog, which no one even cares to notice has got one more follower!!!!!!!!!!
(Quotations, Idioms and Proverbs) A blog, which is created by most illiterate person of the planet, and teaches others to be literate, has got one more follower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Quotations, Idioms and Proverbs) A blog created by a person, who hardly knows anything about writing, and than also keep writing, whatever, comes in his mind, has got one more follower!!!!!!!!!!!
(Quotations, Idioms and Proverbs) a blog created by one person, whose, lack of proper knowledge of English language is laughing point for most of the bloggers, has got one more follower!!!!!!!!!!!
(Quotations, Idioms and Proverbs) A blog created by one weird person, who hardly follow the rules of traditional, Stereotype blogging pattern and publish the posts on most strange manner, has got one more follower!!!!!!!!!!                     φ
(Quotations, Idioms and Proverbs) a blog created by most failure person in life and wants to teach the world of the rules of success has got one more follower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Quotations, Idioms and Proverbs) a blog slowly but steadily becoming threats for the so-called “Bigies” of blogging world and compels them to change their style, has got one more follower!!!!!!!!!!!
(Quotations, Idioms and Proverbs) A blog run by the one weird blogger who always view their critics with one proverb ” Barking Dogs Seldom Bite” has got one more follower!!!!!!!!!!!!
The same blog has got one more follower,
Very strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bloggers are dying and crying to get one more follower, participate in each “Community Pool” thread, Use the most effective tool of Blogging Awards Posts, X nominated Y, Y once again nominated X, and each other keep nominating each other until they both get exhausted!!!!!!!!!! “, paste their blog’s link whenever and wherever they find any opportunity to lure one more follower and, here, I am without any marketing gimmicks or tremendous tricks or hard selling techniques have got one more follower.
Yes, Himali, on that day,  you gave me first reason to Decoding my  happiness.
After initial hysteria and happiness…………                                  ♦
As per my normal practice, I visited your blog,   
I found the name of the blog,                                                                              ♠
“Decoding Happiness”              
Yes, Himali, one that day,you gave me second reason to Decoding my happiness,by choosing one of the best name of blog.
During my first visit I found, Decoding Happiness, is vast empire of this wide world of Web, and each corner of this empire is full with, Love,  happiness, joy,  cheerfulness, optimism & positivism……….
I thought that, since, I have already visited this empire, let me see who is the PRINCESS of this vast empire.
As a curios person, I visited “About page…………
I found that by profession this modern princess is “Chartered Accountant” one of the highly prestigious and admirable profession in Indian subcontinent.
Yes, Himali, on that day, you gave me the third reason to Decoding my happiness.
Because, during my study, How to secure minimum marks on Accountancy, Statistics, or any subject related to complex mathematical calculation was one the most worrisome issue and here one lady named  Himali, master of that subject is following my blog.                                         
Miracles do happens!!!!!!                          
GOD IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                              ♦
Than, I explore other posts of Decoding Happiness,
I found that, She is very sweet and loving daughter of  her mother♦
She is very adorable sister of her brother,                       ♦
Yes, It gave me immense pleasure that my blog is followed by one very sweet,lovely and very family oriented person, because, I too respect this quality a lot in my personal life…….                 ♣
As a my regular practice, I wrote one sweet “Thanks” comment for following my blog.
Without any expectations,                          ♠        
Without any return favor………..
Because, she is the princess of vast empire which has nearly 500+  inhabitants (followers,)
Hundreds of comments on various posts,                                     ♣
Hundred of likes on her Facebook page,
Why on a earth, such a distinguish,notable blogger of her class,quality and stature will reply to my comment?
But as a very optimistic person, anyhow, I wrote that comment,
And do you know? out of my sheer surprised, she replied my comment with lots of warmth,cheerfulness and joy.
                                                    It  was  our first conversation  ♥
It is said that,
“our words reflects true color,character,mental state,quality,upbringing, family value, tradition, our own moral and ethics and principles of our personality”.
From that reply I found that she is not only…..
Best of best bloggers,                          ♦
She is not only best of best writers,                       
She is the person with                   
Sweet soul,
Noble heart                      ♥
and purity of mind, her each word reflects her inner soul,
Yes, Himali, on that day, you gave me fourth reason to Decoding my happiness,
Because,                           ∗
as a very simple,sober and straight-forward,GOD loving,humble, human being, I always like the company of same people and in each of these qualities you were and are far better,far superior, far ahead, and  far senior than me,
                                ≡                                                      ∗
Yes, out of millions of negative, ill minded, naysayers, haters, traitors,Negative, harmful, pessimistic,depressing,  destructive,cynical,disheartening,conspirators, biased persons, I found one very similar person of my own nature,personality, ethics,value and belief.
ø                                                    ♣
From that day onward,
I simply respected you as a my MY YOUNGER SISTERgood friend, fellow blogger,humble human being, sweet soul,caring and sharing friend,
And till today………….                              
Not a single time, you gave me any reason to complain about you,
Not a single time, you gave me any reason, to distrust you,                    ∗
Not a single time you gave me any reason to be unhappy with you,
As a normal tendency, every human relation runs on “Give and Take” theory,
But being a selfish person, being a practical person, being a very arrogant and proud person,
Not a single time, I fulfilled my duty of giving back to you,
                  ¥                                                                                        ♦
Never cared to simple clikc of “LIKE” on your various versatile posts ranging from the subject of love, compassion, empathy, humanity.
Never cared to comment on your various classic, cool and qualitative posts written by you,
Never cared to “Read your sweet posts written straight from the ocean deep heart”,
After all, I was very much, practical person, and it does not fall in to my practical plan or mind that I too should read your ALL  posts,”LIKE” on it, Comment on it,
As a,
 Saint like soul,
♦ Sage like character,         
♦ Monk like mortals,                                                                       ♥
You never cared about it,
After all,
“Sweet and Solid soul of Saints,Sages and Monks born on this earth to give  others, not receiving from others”,                                                   ♠
What a beggar like me offer to one of the richest person on earth,
So, I never, offered you any “Nomination of any Bloggging Award”,
You never mind it,           
What a tenant of small house can offer to princess of wealthiest kingdom,
So, I never offered you any……….
Five day Five photo challenge, Love and hate challenge, or any other challenge you,
you never mind it,
What a handicap child offer to best Athlete of the world,
So,I never, Invited you to participate in “Three day three quote challenge,
You never mind it,
And till today,
you never mind anything at all, and from VERY beginning you are on the “Giving end” and I am on the “Receiving End”,
 But, today, I realized that……….
“If you truly Love to GOD, preferably you should go regularly to your defined religious place every day, perform the rituals or worship on daily basis, but, somehow, you do not do this, As a creator of this universe, as a motivational force of this universe, he hardly bothers  ABOUT it,whatever he had and have givens us, whether, we acknowledge it as a his gift or not, he hardly bothers………..No he never bother about it.……
But as a showing our love and gratitude, once in a while we should chant his name, once in a while we should do some random act of kindness towards others and unknown, some random act of loving and helping to others,
It is not for him, but it is for us,
The same way, this is my smallest effort on the very auspicious day of
                                                                   “Friendship Day”♥
to show my love,affection,respect and care towards you as a MY YOUNGER SISTER, best blogging buddy,
It is not for you, but, for me I am doing it.
In spite of my lots of lack, limitations,pride,prejudices,hate,anger,ego,jealousy,negativity, thanks a lot for choosing me as a your best blogging friend…….
In spite of all the time being on the “Giving End’ still, you stuck with as a rock solid friend during my thick and thin time of blogging life………………
As a religious and spiritual person, I worship a lot to GOD, and I am quiet confident that after my years of dedication,devotion and worship, one day, GOD will be certainly pleased with me and ask me to demand one wish, and
Do you know,
What I will ask as a my wish?
I will ask the GOD “To give birth to more and more good people like you on this earth”
JUST one HIMALI SHAH ” Through her blog, through her personality, kindle thousands of soul, enlighten thousands of minds, and spread the message of peace,happiness and love,
Just Imagine,
If we have millions of persons like her on this planet, certainly, it can turn hell into heaven”
Last but not least……………..
                                                        ♥  This is  our last conversation  ♥
Your question……………
My answer…………………….
By the way, It is plain Blogging post, it has nothing to do with my or Himali’s personal life, me and Himali are good “Blogging Friends” of each other, we more often, communicate with each other through our respective blog, our other mutual friends blog( OUR OPEN AND TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION IS AVAILABLE ON NET, IN OUR RESPECTIVE BLOGS, IN CASE, ANYBODY WANTS TO REFER IT IN PRESENT OR FUTURE, I NEVER COMMUNICATE WITH MY ANY FOLLOWERS CUM FRIENDS THROUGH PERSONAL EMAIL ID)  and as a Die-hard fan of her blog, I am quiet familiar with her each posts, which, I was needed to write this post, SO, I have used her blog as a my expression to respect her,
I always respect Himali as a my younger Sister”,
As a part of my “Creative Writing Course” now a days, I am experimenting with various writing style, In my previous post, in classic manner I used tone of various emotions in best possible manner  “Fun and Flirting tone”, A little sad tone by using SAD fictional story of my life in post, I used very bold and blunt approach by using many words which as a civilized person I avoid in my blog.
After all, I am running this blog for my happiness, not for the happiness of others,
So, stay tuned, for more off-beat,bold, Out of the box type, firing type of posts on future,those who do not like my blog please do not hesitate to unsubscribe or avoid to visit it.
I prefer “Class over Mass”,
I prefer ” Quality over Quantity”

27 thoughts on “Birds Of A Feather Flock Together-Proverb

  1. Fabulous post as always, Swajithkas. Though you are too hard on yourself, my friend. One does not need to have a college degree to have great ideas and though it is always better to have accurate grammar, it is definitely not necessary as long as you can convey your point. Of course, this should not stop anyone from trying to improve.

    As a follower, I can assure you that their is a marked improvement in your grammar and style though honestly, you could use some more work. I don’t mean to be critical, just trying to give you an honest opinion. Anyways, congratulations on the additional follower and on having such a great blog!

    • Pallavi,
      Thanks a lot for your visit,reading and very useful and accurate comment on this post.

      As always, it is indeed enjoyable experience to read your comment, why? Simple in spite of school student your comment and feedback is far more better,accurate,precise and to the point comepare of many publish author, because, in your comment you include all the ingredients like, modesty, politeness, praise and cumulative effect all these a classic comment.
      Thanks for your remark that my English and grammar is improving and do you know who deserve due credit about it?
      Of course, you, because as a my true friend it is you who told me it without any hesitation and it certainly helped me to improvise it, so, at the end of the day you deserve due credit.
      It gives me immense pleasure to know that you liked the post.
      I wish, due to grace of GOD and blessings of parents your life as well as study must be going well.
      Please keep coming, I always I like to talk with you.
      Wishing you all the best………..

  2. Himali is a beautiful princess indeed
    She cares for her friends
    Donot underestimate yourself please
    May oneday your follower friends be thousand oneday
    Best wishes:-)

    • Soheir,
      Thanks a lot for your visit,reading and comment on this post. I truly appreciate your this very much friendly gesture.

      Yes, you are absolutely right Himali is indeed very good person and very creative and talented blogger and very much down-to-earth type of person, I am more than happy to admit that due to grace of GOD with my followers cum friends I share very good relationship, you are also one of them with whom I also like to talks as much as possible.
      Please keep coming, your presence makes me happy.
      I wish, due to grace of GOD your life must be going well.
      Wishing you all the best……….

    • Donna,
      Thanks a lot for your visit,reading and comment on this post, I truly appreciate your this very much friendly gesture.

      Regarding your comment,
      “She is exceptional, extraordinaire”.
      Yes, Donna, I am completely agree with you, after writing this post of nearly 2000 words still I have not satisfied, I wish, one day, I would like to right the “Fictional Book about a girl,of her personality” when we meet someone like them in “Cyber world” heart simply finds enough amount of happiness and peace and thank GOD still he is giving birth like her on this planet.
      Thanks for your good remark about myself, “And you are not so bad yourself”, Thanks to the company of good friends like you.
      Please keep coming, it is always enjoyable experience to talk with you.
      Wishing you all the best……..

  3. I have lots of trouble with my grammar and spelling and Its my own language. I have been put down by a few people for it and even believed maybe this all wasn’t for me but it is for me. I have been blogging for almost two years and haven’t reached a hundred follows and I’m not going to beg as well plus the followeres I do have only a handful read so they don’t count for me. I may sound harsh but I’m not going to get caught up although it is hard not too. You have a successful blog here and people who reach out to guide you along.You seem humble for them as well and to me it seems your hardwork is paying off. I enjoyed the class before mass statement because its true!

    • Shelie,
      Thanks a lot for your visit,reading & comment on this post,I truly appreciate your this very much friendly gesture.

      I have read your comment twice, first of all congratulation that you have accepted that spelling and grammar is your weakness, because,once we accept our weakness than only door of improvement opens,so, you have taken first step.
      Second, I truly appreciate your sprite that in spite of many “Naysayers” still you are going great, and that is the quality we need not only in blogging in but in any area of life, because, whenever,you go you will always find that type of people who always gets plain pleasure to let down someone, I have been there, so, I do understand the pain it creates, but make that pain as your firm determination and so to the world that, no matter, how many times you all try to crush me ,each time I will bounce back.
      Second thing, have we paid anything for creating the blog? no, wordpress has provided us free platform so,it is absolutely our non-expensive activity so without any worry or tension keep posting on your blog whatever you like.
      And regarding follower, if you have them it is good, but if you don’t have, do not worry too much about them, because, now a days, every other person has their own blog, so, most of the time they are worried about their own blog, so, no hard feeling about it, but, then also, if you wish to have follower everyday spend some time to explore new blogs, read their posts, observe carefully how much friendly with their with their followers and if you feel him/her friendly build up some relationship and that way slowly but steadily start to build the relationship with other bloggers and that way you will not only get handful of followers but at the same time will find some friends also and if you wish many of them will give you useful guidance too.
      From my experience I can say that if your writing is not good, your posts are not good than also if you have friendly nature, art of how to mix up with other unknown bloggers slowly but steadily your blogging life will start to flourish, so, please be little bit friendly with those who comment on your blog,be a little bit thankful to them as a return favor visit their blog.
      Whatever, I have share here is my own personal opinion and please study it carefully, if it will be little bit helpful to you, I will be the happiest person on earth.
      Please keep coming, I always enjoy to talk with you.
      Wishing you all the best………

      • Thank you for your encouragement on pressing foward reguardless of my grammar and spelling. I will continue. I agree there will always be people who put us down just because it is a part of life and sometimes the negative comments become more of a nudge to do our best. I haven’t worried but maybe twice on what I have posted as far as the content maybe more worry about spelling and grammar but it don’t stop me from publishing. Thank you for your reminded that every other person today has a blog they worry about. I needed that! I will try to be a bit more friendly with comments and maybe read things more than once including post for more clarity. I understand this is you opinion and respect what you have to say. Thank you for the wish and conversation as well. I look foward to talking with you again!

      • Shelie,
        Thanks a lot for your reply, it is indeed enjoyable experience to read your reply
        After reading your reply I feel that you have completely understood what I have told you, so, just start to implement it, because, without action any plan has no value, be a little bit bold, be a little bit curagious and slowly but steadily start to move out from your comfort zone, once you will start to travel in that zone, you will realize that “Creator of this universe has given you infinite strength and it lying idle” so, just start to utilize it, that’s all.
        Wishing you all the best…………

  4. Hi Swajith, I am really sorry for the late reply. I am really touched by your gesture. You are really one of the best friend I have met on WP. Thank you so much for this post. You made me smile and I almost had tears of joy reading this 🙂
    And let me tell you, you are really humble and down to the earth persona as well. The time you take to read all our posts and give such encouraging comments, this is priceless. and it is what you say that matters and not the language. Your posts are inspiring and I can connect with them at a personal level. I really like your blog and not trying to flatter you or anything but you are an inspiration. so glad to have connected with you 🙂
    Lots of love & Happiness 🙂 ❤

  5. Congrats. You think too less of yourself and I dont know why. Your posts they are different and thats what makes your blog unique and people uniqueness everywhere. Birds of feather do flock together, good ones need good company to accomplish their task

    • Meloheart,
      Thanks a lot for your visit,reading and comment on this post, I truly appreciate your this very much friendly gesture.

      Regarding your comment,
      “You think too less of yourself and I dont know why”.
      My most of the time goes to think about my all very much good,kind,loving and caring friends,so, there is hardly any time remains for thinking about my worries,tensions and problems,but somehow, due to grace of GOD I am managing it, thanks for your concern.
      “Birds of feather do flock together, good ones need good company to accomplish their task’
      That’s why I am in the company of good friends and with their help and support slowly but steadily I am flying.
      Please keep coming, It is always enjoyable experience to talk with you, I wish, due to grace of GOD your life must be going well.
      Wishig you all the best……..

  6. You know what I love MOST about you Swaji? Is that you hold all the traits of a beautiful human being. Humble, modest, loving, caring, nurturing and honest 🙂 Your love and affection for your followers is always awe-inspiring to me, and Himali sounds like such an amazing person just like yourself (please stop emphasizing on the fact that she’s like your sister, WE KNOW that you love everyone like your family). It really is true that birds of a feather flock together 🙂 I hope your love and friendship keeps on going strong forever and ever ❤

    • A.B.Mood(YYYYYYYYYY),
      Do you know how much I was missing you?, from bottom of my heart, I knew that sooner or later you will come and today you have come, one more example of “Divine Intervention” and “True Love”.
      Regarding your comment,
      you hold all the traits of a beautiful human being. Humble, modest, loving, caring, nurturing and honest 🙂 Your love and affection for your followers is always awe-inspiring to me,
      That’s why I am in the company of GOOD PEOPLE LIKE YOU, I know, as long as I will be like this my family will grow and each member of this family will be happy and healthy.
      “WE KNOW that you love everyone like your family”.
      Sometimes more than my real family because my “CYBER FAMILY” is much more diverse,wide and open it gives me opportunity to connect with the my all family members spread up all across the globe.
      By the way, have you started to earn the “BUCKS”?????? I am eagerly awaiting to read good news about it.
      Please do not forget to throw lavish party about it.
      As always wishing you all the best from the bottom of my heart.

      • Oh so sorry Swaji I wasn’t here much for a few days! As you know my eyes were hurting me a lot, so I had to give them proper rest. And I was also busy in decorating my room ^_^ I will be writing a post about it soon!
        And what you said about the Cyber Family, oh it couldn’t be more true! It’s so fulfilling to know so many caring people all across the globe. Especially for a Pakistani Muslim like me who gets exposed to so much negativity on all platforms 😦 Therefore I am immensely thankful for this family I have in all of you :’)
        And no I haven’t yet started earning “bucks” 😦 I’m still in the process of getting more professional in my graphic designing approach. I do hope and pray that by the time I graduate in February I’ll have a strong hand in designing ^_^ I’ll need your best wishes Swaji dearest 🙂

        Regarding your comment,
        I pray to GOD that your eyes get well soon, so, I can read more posts from my dearest friend.
        “I was also busy in decorating my room ^_^”
        I have read your “THIS POST”, and according to me you have decorated in very well manner, still, I am attaching the link of your post here so you may receive few more feedback.
        Especially for a Pakistani Muslim like me who gets exposed to so much negativity on all platforms 😦
        Honestly speaking while reading this I felt immense grief in my pain because from bottom of my heart I know that “PAKISTANI or MUSLIMS in any part of the world are not bad people, in my cyber life as well as in my personal life I came across many MUSLIMS and each time they have amused me with their generosity,kindness,love and affection, Not only you, but as a “NON-MUSLIM” person like me too feel enough pain in my heart that they are misunderstood by many, and that’s why I have written this post and through “HIMALI” I tried to convey the message that there is no need for spreading more “HATE” for any particular “COMMUNITY, RELIGION,GENDER or NATIONALITY” , after all we all beloved kid of “ALMIGHTY GOD” and each one is unique in their own way, so, as a “NORMAL HUMAN BEING” we don’t have any right to criticize or judge other’s by our own perception.
        MY complete support is always with you and “ALL OTHER MUSLIMS” and I know being a very religious and GOD LOVING PEOPLE GOD will certainly give you enough strength and courage to inspite of all these you people are flourishing and will flourish and being a “TOUGH FIGHTER” community you will not give single “DAMN” to all your critics or haters.
        I do hope and pray that by the time I graduate in February I’ll have a strong hand in designing ^_^ I’ll need your best wishes Swaji dearest 🙂
        “I’ll need your best wishes Swaji”

        DO YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT ABOUT IT???????????????

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