He Is Poor Who Does Not Feel Content-Japanese Proverb

Dear Friends,

As all of you know, since last one and half year, I am active in blogging and during this entire period, I met hundreds of friends from blogging worlds and each one of them is unique and exceptional in their own way, most of them, somehow or other way, helped me, supported me, encouraged me through their posts, through their inspirational comments, through their replies to my comments and I am truly thankful to all of them.

As all of you, first of All, blogger, Shruti Gopinathan, nominated me for “VERY CREATIVE BLOGGING AWARDS” and for that, I have already created “AWARDS” page and in that page I clearly mention that


No more,



After receiving, Starlite Blogging Awards, Dragon’s loyalty Awards, The Sunshine Awards, The Sisterhood Awards, Creative Blogger Awards,  2-The Versatile Blogger Awards, 2- The libster Awards, and invitation to join “Three day Three quote challenge”,

I wrote “THIS POST” and in that post, I tried to convey the message,


No more,

Please, Please……………


Today, once again, I am writing this post,

A.B.Mood, nominated me for, “VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD”

Kimberly or Kim, nominated me for “STARLIGHT BLOGGER AWARD’”

Shannon, nominated me for “BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD”

Jeannie, nominated me for “THE LIBSTER AWARD

KOKO Boocro nominated me for “THE LIBSTER AWARD”

Jeanine, invited me to accept “THREE DAY THREE QUOTES”challenge,

Chhaya, invited me to join “E” word challenge,

AislinPaula, “TAGGED” me for this post,

Today, once again, I am trying to convey the same message,


No more,



10 thoughts on “He Is Poor Who Does Not Feel Content-Japanese Proverb

    • Himali,
      Can you please forgive me for “TWO” reasons?
      As I have openly admitted in my one of the post, that, I am die-hard fan of your blog and to communicate with you is one of the most enjoyable part of my “CYBER LIFE” but, since, last month, I haven’t communicated with you.
      Extremely sorry for the late response of your this very inspirational comment………….

      Please forgive THIS(ME) poor creature.
      Fogiveness will be only accepted in written format.
      As always wishing you all the best from bottom of my heart, I pray to “GOD”, wherever you are, your life become “ROAD OF ROSES” and “YOUR EVERY DREAM COME TRUE”

  1. Yaayyy I finally got to have my name featured in your post 😛 Btw, accepting awards is always so great! Why’r you asking us to staahhp?? 😦 Come on, admit it you’re awesome 😉

      Kyun kabab mein hadi bantin ho?
      Why you are spoiling my personal time?, Don’t you think? No one should comment on this post over and above “Himali”?
      Please, do not take above comment seriously, since, you are my very intimate friends that’s why I have written such a harsh comment, by the way, have you seen “Troy” or still time has not come, if you have not seen it, please see it, you will enjoy it.
      Wishing you all the best………….

      • Aenda kabab mai haddi nahi banun gi 😥 Dil tor diya tum ne mera 😥
        Hehe, I know you’re kidding Swaji dearest :* Btw I still haven’t seen Troy. I wanna buy it on BluRay (I always buy the movies I love on BluRay and I KNOW I’m gonna love Troy) but it wasn’t available there in the store. 😦 Will catch it as soon as I get my hands on it ^_^

  2. Yours is one of my favorite blogs! I understand not everyone participates in awards but I still like to list their blogs along with the ones who accept them, so people can see some of my favorite ones. ❤ I hope you are well. 🙂

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