He Is Poor Who Does Not Feel Content-Japanese Proverb

Dear Friends,

As all of you know, since last one and half year, I am active in blogging and during this entire period, I met hundreds of friends from blogging worlds and each one of them is unique and exceptional in their own way, most of them, somehow or other way, helped me, supported me, encouraged me through their posts, through their inspirational comments, through their replies to my comments and I am truly thankful to all of them.

As all of you, first of All, blogger, Shruti Gopinathan, nominated me for “VERY CREATIVE BLOGGING AWARDS” and for that, I have already created “AWARDS” page and in that page I clearly mention that


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After receiving, Starlite Blogging Awards, Dragon’s loyalty Awards, The Sunshine Awards, The Sisterhood Awards, Creative Blogger Awards,  2-The Versatile Blogger Awards, 2- The libster Awards, and invitation to join “Three day Three quote challenge”,

I wrote “THIS POST” and in that post, I tried to convey the message,


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Please, Please……………


Today, once again, I am writing this post,

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Today, once again, I am trying to convey the same message,


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Go The Extra Mile:- IDIOMS 
SIMPLE MEANING; Going above and beyond whatever is required for the task at hand.
Hi, friends; today, under the category of Idioms I am going to discuss one very interesting idiom.
“Go The Extra Mile”: 
Simple meaning of this idioms is… 
  1. When you have taken some task on hand, 
  2. When you have decided to do something, 
  3. When you badly desire to do something;  
  • You have to work; extra hard, 
  • You have to devote; more energy, 
  • You have to do more planing; than and than only; you can accomplish the task which you have taken on hand. 
Generally, I write very lengthy post, but today, I don’t want to write much lengthy post because, this post I would like to complete with all of you, my dear friends……...
Yes, I know all of you very well, my dear  followers cum friends,
  • All of you are very much talented people of this planet..
  • All of you are full with creativity of this universe,
  • All of you are powerhouse of energy, which enlighten others;
  • All of you are most sweet soul of soil, spreading smile everywhere; 
And THIS IS THE RIGHT  and most appropriate  time for of all of us…….
Now, first of all; let me start from my own story……
As all of you know from my previous post about happy year, my new resolutions that; this is the beginning of 2015 and during this year; I would like to have few more qualitative, talented, like-minded friends……….
I knew it very well
  • Without moving extra mile, 
  • Without doing  extra work, 
  • Without proper commitment this task can not be completed,
So, what I did and doing to achieve my this goal.
As all of us know very well; at word press right now “Blogging U” course is going on and many of us; including me have taken part in it, 
So, when this course begun, from very first day, I became very active and defined the goal to make maximum friends during this month only……….. 
What I started to do; to achieve this goal………
  • First of all; I determined that despite of being the part of this course, I will not actively involve with the assignments….So, I never participated on any assignment actively….
  • Second, I started to take keen interest on PASSIVE manner, what, I started to do is; everyday, I started to spend few hours in The Commons….
  • Third, During each assignment, I started to look and study the various bloggers….
  • Fourth, I started to visit various blogs; especially, created by new bloggers, 
  • Fifth, I started to follow some of the bloggers, studied their “About” page with keen interest and whenever I find someone who share same passion, or value as mine, I just started to comment on their “About” page and simply requested them to visit my blog and if possible comment on my blog.
  • Sixth, Whenever, I find someone in the badly need of “Dream Reader” I became their “Dream Reader” and read their post and commented on it.
  • Seventh; whenever someone has asked for the feedback about their new post, theme, new “About” page, or overall review of the blog, and I find that no one has answered, I tried to do it( Frankly speaking, I am not master or expert of the subject, but, whatever came in my mind I wrote them in most polite and humble tone)
  • Eighth, I commented on many peoples’ blog and tried to encourage them, empower them and uplift their spirit.
This is the few things I have done to make my goal achievable…
This is what I mean by “Walking or going Extra Mile”
And over all result……….
Simply superb; Absolutely amazing, incredible interesting, worth to memorize….
first in quantitative terms which can me measured in figures……
First, I found numerous highly talented, creative, caring and sharing, friendly friends……….
Second, My followers base achieved superb height, within the span of few days it has gone from 13 to 39( and still it is growing up, I am expecting few more friends to join with me on this journey.)
Third, I received creative comments, nice complement, encouraging and inspirational words,love, affection,cheerful smile, well wishes from other bloggers..
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE MENTAL SATISFACTION, THE JOY, THE HAPPINESS, PURE PLEASURE; I have got from the entire experience is just unbelievable, superb and very much encouraging…………
I firmly believe that there are many things in life, which can not be measured in material terms…
So, now my point is that;
All of you have participated in this course;and still it is going on, so,”what extra mile you are walking”,what personally you sacrificed, what additional efforts are you putting to going through it?…..Successfully, Satisfactory….
This month, I visited many blogs (most of the blogs of my new & old followers) & found many new bloggers, they are “going extra mile” to make their blog more  meaningful, more reader- friendly, more appealing, more exiting, by the means of their post, with the usage of various widgets, by changing the themes,or by any means which ever they feel convenient doing it…
“Yes, my dear friends all of you are walking extra mile”………..
All of you, deserve due credit,
Keep it up!!!!!!!!!.
Don’t stop the momentum going on,
Don’t stop the creative flow going on your creative zone, remain in that zone as long as possible…
But one blog which specifically draw my attention…
The one blog, which is not walking extra mile but running extra mile…..
Yes, you heard it right RUNNING EXTRA MILE!!!!!!!!!!
Let me introduce this blog & blogger……
Blogger: Stephanie Tania;
Blog: Sugar & spice;
Why this blog qualified on my criteria of ” Going Extra Mile” criteria;
  • 1) Since last month I am following this blog and slowly but very steadily; I am becoming fan of this blog, but this month I found some amazing & interesting changes from the theme to presentation style.
  • 2) Second and most important criteria:

During this month only the blogger introduce few more recipes..

( I truly appreciate her efforts; because being a blogger, to publish one or two post in month, without using any multimedia is also difficult task for me and she introduce few more recipes…)

For the knowledge of readers…

For publishing one post about recipes you have to pass through various stages

(A) One has to go to the shopping; B) Then prepare it; C) Then take the pictures of it; D) Then Write it; E) Then publish it)

Just imagine how much hard work, efforts and energy needed to publish one single post & especially, when you are studying during day time and doing all these activities at night.

Yes, she is doing it in effortless manner and best part she is doing it with style and statement.


Come on friends…

Let us, cheer -up; for her hard work,

Let us,cheer-up; for her dedication and devotion…

Let us, cheer-up; for her persistent performance…

Let us, cheer up; for her devotion towards the thing which she likes most(following the true calling of heart)

Stephanie, please accept my heartfelt congratulation for your hard work,
Now, since, the title of this post is ” Go the Extra mile” and you have qualified for it…
Can you please do little favor to me by replying me in comment section…
Can you please reply me in below format….
1) The Goal(S):
Where you can write the basic goal(s) of your blog..
If you need more guidance, let me suggest you, if someone ask me “What is the goal of my blog?” So, I will reply like this, I do have many goals, first, to write the quotations, idioms and proverbs in more meaningful manner; second, to encourage some one, Third; to meet new and like minded people, Fourth) spread the smile on some one face, but out of all these goals, my major goal is to connect with like minded & friendly people like me who believes in high values of life, who believes in highest standard of morale, who believes in the integrity of personality…
Like wise, you can mention, what ever comes in your mind…
2) What you have sacrificed to achieve these goal(s)?
Where you can write about any financial or personal sacrifices..
If some one ask me the same question, I reply like this;
First) To achieve my goal to connect with like minded people; everyday I spend nearly one to two hours to read other bloggers “About” page, so, everyday, I sacrificed my two hours for this goal.If I earn x amount of money in one hour, so, everyday,it is sacrifice of my 2X amount of my earning. 
Where you can write about the reward you are getting through this process..
If someone ask me the same question, I reply like this..By connecting myself with like minded people; I am getting pure pleasure of friendship,joy.happiness, love, affection.
Like wise, what ever comes in your mind you can write; there is no word limit, there is no space limit, you can write as much as you wish, So, I, as well as other bloggers get inspiration from you.
Last but not least, 
To all the bloggers…
As all of you know blogging U is going on and all of us working hard, So, I request to each one of you; to write in comment section( in above mention format- The Goals,The sacrifices, The Reward); so, other bloggers get inspiration, encouragement from your comment, they feel they are not only, but there are many people working hard, it will boost up their confidence, it will boost up their morale, it will push them to work extra hard…
Don’t you think, it is noble work to spread smile on someone face?
Don’t you think, it is our way of giving back to society?
So,I specifically, request to all of you; to write as much as possible in comment section…
If someone; who is not participating in the “Blogging U’ they can write anything related to the subject of topic.
One more thing, currently, I am closely following many blogs, so, who knows, next month it is you or your blog publish here…


Goodbye 2013 Quotations- Compilation of quality quotations for goodbye 2013,year ending quotations

Dear friends,
Under this series from Monday-16/12/2013 to Saturday 21/12/2013, I have presented some cool, qualitative, meaningful, quotations from some of the best authors like Paulo Coelho to T.S. Eliot.
Most of the quotes, I have picked up were based upon the theme upon the end of the year, means the ongoing massage was that no doubt, whatever happened during the year 2013, it is going to be end.
So, if you have any sweet memory about it, it is well and good, remember it for life long period,
If you don’t have any sweet memory of the year, no problem, it is going to be end very soon, and wish that coming year, or new year which is happens to be 2014, may bring peace, prosperity, health, happiness, health and wealth, not to you, but all your near & dear one, friends and family members.
So, what I would like to ask you, during the entire week, out of all, published six quotations which one you liked most ? And why you liked it most ?
Few parameters by which you can judge….
  • Was the quotations appropriate to the subject ?
  • Was the narration style good?
  • Was the message conveyed properly?
  • Was the writing style easy to understand?
Write your negative or positive comment in comment section, I will consider it as a feedback and depending upon the feedback, future’s course of action will be initiated.
16th December-2013, Monday  
It’s sad, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life starts with goodbye.- Carrie Underwood
17th December-2013, Tuesday
Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go. – Brooks Atkinson
18th December-2013, Wednesday
For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning. T.S. Eliot
19th December-2013, Thursday
Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. – Hal Borland
20th December-2013, Friday
If you’re brave to say goodbye, life will reward you with a hello- Paulo Coelho
21st December-2013, Saturday
   The good ole days weren’t always good, and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it   seems.” Billy Joel

Good bye 2013- Quotations-The good ole days weren’t always good, and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems- Billy Joel

As we know there are hardly few days left for the end of the year 2013 and beginning of the new year 2014.
Today, in this series of “Good bye 2013- Quotations”, I would like to present the quotation of William Martin “Billy” Joel, who is very popular, famous, American pianist, singer-songwriter and composer.
“The good ole days weren’t always good, and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.” Billy Joel
 What a wonderful way to see the life from different perspective.
First part of the quotation ‘The good ole days weren’t always good’ is quite applicable to many of us, especially, for those of us, who hasn’t any great to moderate success during the year 2013.
Despite of all your sincere efforts success remained illusion only, and it never turned into reality,
Despite of all your powerful planning materialization of planning remained way behind,
Despite of all your hard work, no success visible in near sight,
Despite of all your powerful pray, precise planning, powerful presentation, heavy hard work, effective execution, marvelous management mantras, still success remained the distance dream…..
I do understand,
  • You are sad,
  • Your are frustrated,
  • You are disappointed,
  • You lost the courage,
  • Your self esteem badly damaged,
  • Your confidence shaken by the events happened during the year,
  • Your will power vanished,
  • I know the pain, agony and the bitterness it has bring with it.
  • You have all the reasons to be sad, to be frustrated,
Dear friends,
Read the second part of the quotation,
“and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.”
  • What a wonderful way to see the positive from negative,
  • What wonderful way to see something from nothing,
  • What a wonderful way to see the things from the different perspective,
  • What a wonderful way to be a hopeful when nothing is going in your favor,
  • What a wonderful way to see the tomorrow with great hope,
  • What a wonderful way to keep yourself charged up and wait for the bright future.
So, dear friend, be happy, be cheerful, the year 2013 is going to be end, very soon, and let us hope that whatever plans, projects, ambitions, dreams you have for the coming new year, 2014, may soon turned into reality.
How was your 2013 ?
(A)  BAD 
(B)  SO SO- means not good not bad
Comment is the area where you can tick the appropriate box.

Goodbye 2013 quotations-If you’re brave to say goodbye, life will reward you with a hello- Paulo Coelho

If you’re brave to say ‘goodbye,’ life will reward you with a ‘hello.’- Paulo Coelho quotes, Good bye -2013, quotes
What a wonderful quotation from one of the world’s finest autor, Paulo Coelho.
Each and every word of this quotation is just like a precious diamond. Slowly and surely we are moving ahead towards the end of the year 2013. So, during this occasion we have started to publish some relevant quotations, which not only say goodbye to the passing year 2013 but at the same time it welcomes the new year 2014 with new spirit, new zeal, new enthusiasm.
Many a times to begin something new it is very much essential to first of all say good bye to the old one.
Life is constant process of learn, unlearn and learn.
  • If you are interested to create more ‘favorable circumstances’
  • If you are interested to say ‘hello’ to new ‘lucky chances’
  • If you are interested to say ‘hello’ to new opportunities
  • If you are interested to say ‘hello’ to new probabilities
  • If you are interested to make more ‘scope’
The first thing you have to do is say ‘good bye’ to all your life long habits which till today hampered  your growth, the habits which caused major problems in your life, the habits which were the roadblock of your path, the habits which not only damaged your personal life but at the same time ruined your professional life, the habits which have created many embarrassing moments in your life, the habits which have became biggest headache for your near and dear one.
Means,  all your bad habits like, fear of failure, fear or rejection, procrastination, laziness, irregularities, unethical thinking, self doubt are name of some of the bad habits, which not cause you financial loss but at the same time it created some severe damage to your morale up to great extent.
So, dear friends, let us be brave, let us be courageous, let us firmly determine to say ‘good bye’ to all our above mention vices at the end of the year 2013.
Because, if once we say goodbye to all our lifelong habits, and make our mind like blank slate then and then only we can create space for writing something new in it.
So, dear friends, have a complete faith in the lord of the universe, let us have complete trust on the almighty and with whole heart say ‘hello’ to the new year.
If we keep faith, if we keep hope, if we keep our self positive the reward is
Inevitable, it is proven fact, because, entire universe is full with abundances, it is up to us, how much we wants to have it 
So, take a deep breath, close your eyes for a while and just think about what you wants to have in your life during the year of 2014.
See the magic of it, see the miracles it will create in your life…
What do you think ? 
Comment is the section where you can freely express yourself, I will be more than happy to hear you….

Quotation-2013, Goodbye- Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. – Hal Borland

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. – Hal Borland

It is common tendency found among most of us. When we start to approach the end of the year, we start to analyze our life from various angles. And there is nothing wrong in it, on the contrary, I say it is healthy habit, because, ultimately, we are the only creature of this universe, who have got the ability to think.
 To think logically, to think analytically, to think strategically.
 As a human being we are most advanced form of all the living species in the universe.
So, if we are using our this great power for analyzing the passing year, it is welcome move, because, somewhere down the line it clearly says, we are careful about our past. And we are careful about our future, a typical and most welcome approach or attitude towards the life.
To analyze the past is good thing, to evaluate the past is good thing, to go deep down the memory line and observe carefully whatever happened is good thing, there is nothing wrong in it.
There are some elderly advices, friendly comments, solid suggestions, trustworthy tips to keep in mind while doing it.
Read, remember following quotes from Hal Borland.
Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. – Hal Borland
If you had a troublesome, taxing, tough and tiring year, first of all keep in mind that it is end of the year, not end of the life, so, be happy, be cheerful, be joyous, despite of all odd still you are alive. Isn’t it a single most reason to be happy?
So, keep going on, because, ultimately, only those can achieve their final destination who hang on, who keep going on, despite of all odds and obstacles.
So, keep going on,
Now the year is ending and new year is slowly and surely approaching, just do some minor change in your policy of hanging on or keep going on.
How ?
No doubt, the year was troublesome, testing, tiring, taxing and tough, but, just for a moment, just for a few second change your mindset and start to see the things from different perspective.
If you see the trouble as a true friend, you will find that he has taught you some valuable lessons in these entire process.
What are the lessons it taught to you?
Two valuable lessons you learned from this process or from your trustworthy friend whose name is ‘Trouble’.
  1. First, Due to these troubles, you gained valuable experience, which enhance you future life, and it can become your lifelong asset. So, be happy !
  2. Second, Due to this, you have become more wise, more prudent and you have gain enough wisdom from this entire experience. So, be happy !
Am I right or wrong?
Expecting early reply as a comment in comment section.

2013- Good Bye Quotation-For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning. T.S. Eliot

There are certain things in life, upon which you don’t have any control. Time is one such thing or concept upon which you don’t have any control, no matter, how much healthy you are, no matter how much wealthy you are, no matter how much influential or powerful you are, not a single factor of your personal power or influence works against almighty time.
As we are slowly, surely and without fail approaching towards the end of the year, it is best time to farewell the year in best possible manner.
The year might have mix reaction in your life.
Those of you, who have achieved excellence in the every field of life, it was splendid, superb, successful year of life. The year bought many new development in life. Personal life prospered, professional life became more powerful. Success became the synonymous of any and every venture. Whatever tried as a trial turn in to turning point of life. Chances which had taken with casual approach became the symbol of success. Means each and every sphere of life shined. Means, the year was just marvelous, magical and meaningful.
Good, what else one wants in life? I wish,The same success continue in new year. All the best….
For someone the year brought  more misery, failure became fast friend, which always stuck with persistence, opportunity became biggest obstacles, hurdles had became the usual way of life, disappointment became dear darling which never thought to leave. Each and every area of life turned into chaos & confusion.
Means the year was full with the setback & defeat.
Ok, if it is the story of your life, if you are victim of circumstances and situations prevailing in your life, life has become dull and dead, there are hardly anything to cheer up in life, to find out something which can be celebrated become the biggest headache for you.
One very good and encouraging news for you….
Read, remember, rejoice and rejuvenate yourself with below quotation. 
For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.  T.S. Eliot

Goodbye-2013 Quotes-Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go. – Brooks Atkinson

Slowly and surely we are approaching towards the end of the year-2013. For each one of us, the year was different.
For some of us, 2013, was the most fabulous, fun loving, fruitful year. The year brought  terrific triumph over odds and obstacles. Trials turned into triumph. Obstacles turned into opportunities. Prospective plans turned into pipeline for the future’s success. Each and every corner of life touch the magic. Personal life turned into living heaven, professional life has seen new heights. The year was just wonderful.
OK, congratulation to all of them, wish you all the best for the same success in coming year -2014.
For some of us, 2013 was the year like big nightmare. Whatever plan we had it turned into biggest tragedy. Whatever dreams we had, it turned into big fiasco. Whatever, wish we had, till the end of the year it remained wish only and when that wish will see the light of the day, is big mystery. Every corner of life wounded and hurt badly. Setback became the second nature. Failure became fulltime friend which never wish and tried to depart, no matter how hard it was to sustain with it, but it never left and still it is going strongly.  
Many a times situations and circumstances compelled to quit, and almost won. Many a times escape seemed easiest way to accommodate with circumstances. Many a times to run away from the realities was the real way or it seemed.
The year-2013- was one of the most tragic year of life.
Ok, if you are passing from this situation, the above quotation of ‘Brooks Atkinson’ can become guiding force for you. And thank God that it can go.
So, friends cheer up, at last, it is going on, and wish you all the best for coming year. 
May God bring all the happiness and health, Peace and prosperity, Success and sensation, Comfort and care in the coming year….2014

Goodbye-2013-quotes ,It’s sad, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life starts with goodbye.- Carrie Underwood

There are two days of the year, which has special significance in most of the people’s life. These are, First, end of the year, means, last day of the year, say,31-12-2013. Second, beginning of the year, means, first day of the year, say, 01-01-2014.
Slowly, steadily and of course, surely we are approaching towards the end of the year-2013.
Different people have different perception about the year.
For some of them, it was year of accomplishments, where they have accomplished many personal and professional achievements. Congratulation to all of them !! May God continue same in the coming years.
For some of them, it was year of ‘Mix- Reaction’, where, the account was settled with some setback along with triumph. Congratulation along with consolation for them. May God bring more victory then setback in the coming years.
And, last but not least, for some of them it was the year of defeat, setback, tragedy & loss, loss and loss. Each and every corner of life badly damaged, and some side of the life experienced severe damage, where it is quite difficult to repair.
Some valuable tips for them.
Destruction creates place for new creation.
Trials & Tests make you familiar with your own true character.
Each end make space or room for new beginning.
True character always tested at the turbulence time.
So, dear friends, if you are passing through this phase of life, remember, above mention tips.
May God brings more happiness, health, peace, prosperity & power in your life.